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(edit) @911   14 years ladanyi
(edit) @910   14 years ladanyi change usage of pow() and log() to appease MSVC++
(edit) @909   14 years ladanyi added new files to the MSVC++ project files
(edit) @908   14 years jpgoncal Ran autotools and configure changed/
(edit) @907   14 years jpgoncal Add new files.
(edit) @906   14 years jpgoncal Merged with changes done in trunk
(edit) @901   14 years jpgoncal latest version with random choice.
(edit) @898   14 years ladanyi fixed previousBranch() for a couple of branching object types. still …
(edit) @897   14 years ladanyi evenly distributed heur invocation doesn't crash
(edit) @896   14 years ladanyi added debug info
(edit) @895   14 years jpgoncal Store branching object in CbcNOdeInfo.
(edit) @894   14 years jpgoncal header.
(edit) @893   14 years jpgoncal Added function to print info.
(edit) @891   14 years jpgoncal Added gutsOfConstructor in CbcHeuristicNode?.
(edit) @890   14 years jpgoncal Small changes in CbcHeuristicNode?.
(edit) @889   14 years ladanyi code to decide when to run heuristics is done and compiles, need to debug
(edit) @886   14 years ladanyi Added a new way of determinig when to run a heuristic
(edit) @885   14 years jpgoncal Cleaned up a little bit.
(edit) @884   14 years jpgoncal Draft code for heuristic to control heuristics.
(edit) @883   14 years jpgoncal Create a branch to work with the heuristics.
(edit) @878   14 years ladanyi creating a branch to experiment with common search tree class
(edit) @766   14 years andreasw deleting temporary BSP branch
(edit) @764   14 years ladanyi committing merging w/ trunk of Clp, Osi, Cbc
(edit) @763   14 years andreasw unded [762] and moved CbcCbcParam?.cpp from libCbc to libCbcSolver
(edit) @762   14 years tkr Fixing dependence of libCbc on libCbcSolver
(edit) @761   14 years andreasw moved all ASL dependent code into new installable library libCbcSolver
(edit) @757   14 years andreasw allow --enable-doscompile on MinGW/MSys
(edit) @756   14 years andreasw undoing ADDLIBS hack to include ASL library into ADDLIBS (see [752])
(edit) @754   14 years jpfasano Modified to avoid MS compiler messages: …
(edit) @752   14 years andreasw fixing linking issues with ASL (temporary fix)
(edit) @749   14 years stefan remove unused variable and value
(edit) @748   14 years stefan add unitTestClp.cpp to libCbc to have CbcClpUnitTest? well defined
(edit) @746   14 years lou Add using declarations to suppress compiler warnings about hidden …
(edit) @745   14 years lou Create dummy CbcClpUnitTest?.
(edit) @744   14 years lou Remove `using namespace std' from CbcTree?.hpp, fix collateral damage.
(edit) @743   14 years jpfasano Changed to remove MS compiler messages: …
(edit) @742   14 years ladanyi Added new parameters to indicate location of Sample/Netlib?/mplib problems
(edit) @740   14 years jpfasano Changed to avoid these MS compiler messages: …
(edit) @737   14 years ladanyi Got rid of dependency on Data/... except for Sample
(edit) @736   14 years jpfasano Modified to remove MS Compiler message warning C4800: …
(edit) @735   14 years lou Correct linking of cbc-generic when ASL is present.
(edit) @734   14 years ladanyi
(edit) @733   14 years andreasw corrected Cbc version number that is printed
(edit) @732   14 years jpfasano Modified to remove a few MS Compiler messages warning C4800: …
(edit) @731   14 years jpfasano Modified way dependent library is specified.
(edit) @730   14 years andreasw creating branches/BSP/stable/1.2 from stable/1.2 rev 728
(edit) @729   14 years andreasw creating branches/BSP/stable
(edit) @728   14 years andreasw creating branches/BSP/trunk from trunk rev 727
(edit) @727   14 years andreasw creating branches/BSP
(edit) @686   15 years forrest for pseudo shadow prices in LOS
(edit) @685   15 years forrest try and fix hang on max nodes
(edit) @684   15 years forrest updated example
(edit) @682   15 years forrest modify makefile for example
(edit) @681   15 years forrest add example
(edit) @680   15 years forrest small changes for LOS
(edit) @679   15 years forrest take out misleading setting of integer variables because of ampl
(edit) @678   15 years forrest for tighter linear constraints in bilinear
(edit) @676   15 years forrest timing again
(edit) @675   15 years forrest timing
(edit) @674   15 years forrest timing
(edit) @673   15 years forrest try and fix time on some computers
(edit) @672   15 years forrest for compiler warnings on AIX
(edit) @671   15 years forrest slight typo
(edit) @670   15 years forrest possible thread loop?
(edit) @669   15 years forrest still trying to get round compiler error
(edit) @668   15 years forrest for compiler error
(edit) @667   15 years forrest for dummy loadNonLinear
(edit) @666   15 years forrest for when no asl
(edit) @665   15 years forrest ifdef COIN_HAS_LINK added
(edit) @664   15 years forrest get rid of MS for Cbc/branches/devel
(edit) @663   15 years forrest for parallel
(edit) @662   15 years forrest faster parallel?
(edit) @655   15 years forrest add heuristic names
(edit) @649   15 years forrest fix bug with 12 cpus
(edit) @648   15 years forrest for parallel
(edit) @647   15 years forrest externals
(edit) @646   15 years forrest -This liae, and those below, will be ignored-- _M .
(edit) @642   15 years forrest update branches/devel for threads
(edit) @639   15 years ladanyi got rid of lots of compiler warnings by static casting to void*
(edit) @631   15 years forrest secondary status
(edit) @625   15 years forrest modify feasibility pump
(edit) @623   15 years andreasw reran autotools
(edit) @622   15 years andreasw added default Windows defines in CbcConfig?.h
(edit) @621   15 years andreasw minor modifications to make it compile with MSVC++
(edit) @620   15 years andreasw Added --enable-cbc-parallel configuration flag
(edit) @619   15 years forrest needed to go with Cbcstrategy
(edit) @618   15 years forrest add residual cuts
(edit) @617   15 years forrest for sos
(edit) @616   15 years forrest exit a bit earlier on easy models
(edit) @615   15 years forrest for readLP names
(edit) @614   15 years forrest names had got lost
(edit) @613   15 years forrest conflict
(edit) @612   15 years forrest for nonlinear
(edit) @611   15 years lou Check for multiple symbols in glpk link check.
(edit) @610   15 years lou Externals to BuildTools?/trunk, Vol/trunk/Vol. to reuse …
(edit) @609   15 years lou Change svn:externals to use BuildTools?/trunk, Vol/trunk/Vol.
(edit) @608   15 years lou Cbc-generic: Add message handler, separate libCbc and cbc-generic main …
(edit) @607   15 years lou Add names for heuristic, analogous to names for cut generators.
(edit) @606   15 years forrest ampl mistake
(edit) @604   15 years forrest for heuristics and quadratic
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