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(edit) @2905   23 months samuelbrito Changing the default value of clqstr to 4
(edit) @2902   23 months samuelbrito Final merge of trunk changes to conflictgraphs.
(edit) @2901   23 months samuelbrito Last changes before merging.
(edit) @2883   2 years samuelbrito Inserting new conflict graph infrastructure and cuts in CbcSolver?
(edit) @2882   2 years samuelbrito New conflict graph infrastructure.
(edit) @2832   2 years stefan rerun autotools, reverts r2831
(edit) @2831   2 years lou Seems to have been overlooked after last run_autotools.
(edit) @2830   2 years stefan sync with trunk
(edit) @2828   2 years stefan add configall_system headers
(edit) @2827   2 years stefan add something for CBCSOLVERLIB_EXPORT to CbcSolverConfig?.h without …
(edit) @2826   2 years stefan add CBCLIB_EXPORT to config default h's and cleanup
(edit) @2824   2 years stefan remove combcuts branch, closes #269 @glebbelov: "John resolved some …
(edit) @2823   2 years stefan travis test example
(edit) @2822   2 years stefan fix pc files and examples build
(edit) @2821   2 years stefan add or improve guard against multiple include of installed config header
(edit) @2820   2 years stefan include CbcSolverConfig? before CbcOrClpParam?.hpp - so it takes the …
(edit) @2819   2 years stefan return some value in newTSPSol
(edit) @2818   2 years stefan rowCutDebugger is used like a bool array
(edit) @2817   2 years stefan add expandModel, which was CoinModel::expandModel before
(edit) @2816   2 years stefan move ClpSimplex::loadNonLinear out of ClpSimplex? class - so we can …
(edit) @2815   2 years stefan moved implementation of CbcModel::expandKnapsack into CoinUtils?
(edit) @2814   2 years stefan cbc_glp_prob also comes from coinutils
(edit) @2813   2 years stefan remove declaration of unimplemented func
(edit) @2812   2 years stefan same or similar skips as clp
(edit) @2811   2 years stefan setup appveyor and dependencies, undo verbose travis - though it's …
(edit) @2810   2 years stefan add CbcGenConfig?.h
(edit) @2809   2 years stefan rename --with-cbc-generic to --enable-cbc-generic
(edit) @2808   2 years stefan put more basic libs into CbcSolverLib?, too
(edit) @2807   2 years stefan verbose travis build output
(edit) @2806   2 years stefan cbcgeneric doesn't access nauty
(edit) @2805   2 years stefan no need for in test
(edit) @2804   2 years stefan cleanup tests Makefile
(edit) @2803   2 years stefan move function declarations into the right header
(edit) @2802   2 years stefan add dllexport and config for OsiCbc?
(edit) @2801   2 years stefan adjust OsiCbcLib? setup
(edit) @2800   2 years stefan try to avoid some of the chk_here + finalize mess
(edit) @2799   2 years stefan take out checks for gurobi or xpress - not used anywhere
(edit) @2798   2 years stefan add some more osi prefixes where we look for an osi interface
(edit) @2797   2 years stefan rename dylp to osidylp
(edit) @2796   2 years stefan remove check for vol or considering it as lp solver
(edit) @2795   2 years stefan only CbcSolverLib? makes (direct) use of asl
(edit) @2794   2 years stefan add check for glpk; remove some coin_has_asl - CbcSolver? wants to use …
(edit) @2793   2 years stefan add export specifiers; separate config for libCbc and libCbcConfig
(edit) @2792   2 years stefan some cleanup and improvements in configure/Makefile
(edit) @2791   2 years stefan skip appveyor for now
(edit) @2790   2 years stefan try some useful travis job
(edit) @2789   2 years stefan add check for cplex - CbcModel? wants to include cplex.h, so it needs …
(edit) @2788   2 years stefan remove Cbc_ampl - use CoinModel?'s implementation instead
(edit) @2787   2 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @2786   2 years stefan sync with trunk
(edit) @2764   2 years lou Merge trunk revisions 2616 -- 2763. Collateral damage after updating …
(edit) @2723   2 years glebb Example tsp-subtour-mincut: help explains input file extensions
(edit) @2721   2 years glebb Cbc example tsp-subtour-mincut: cut.setGloballyValid(true)
(edit) @2720   2 years glebb Cbc example tsp-subtour-mincut: can read .dist data files
(edit) @2719   2 years glebb Delete unnecessary files
(edit) @2718   2 years glebb Cbc example tsp-subtour-mincut: jam all files into single .cpp
(edit) @2717   2 years glebb Fix to 2714 for the tsp example: default verbosity true
(edit) @2716   2 years glebb CbcCutGenerator?: don't preprocess cuts if model preprocessing is off
(edit) @2715   2 years glebb Merged trunk into combcuts, hoping TSP and lazy cuts work well
(edit) @2714   2 years glebb Example tsp-subtour-mincut: show output from Cbc by default
(edit) @2713   2 years glebb Branch combcuts: renamed the Cbc example tsp into tsp-subtour-mincut …
(edit) @2710   2 years glebb Cbc: example for TSP with Subtour Cuts using Min-Cut algorithm
(edit) @2701   2 years stefan changes by @glebbelov to support combinatorial cuts - @glebbelov …
(edit) @2700   2 years stefan create branch combcuts from trunk, for #244
(edit) @2627   3 years lou Collateral damage from adding --enable-debug to BuildTools?.
(edit) @2615   3 years lou Merge trunk revisions 2612:2614 into autotools-update.
(edit) @2614   3 years lou Restore .coin-or directory. Update appveyor.yml and .travis.yml to use …
(edit) @2612   3 years lou Merge trunk revisions 2389:2611 into autotools-update at top level.
(edit) @2611   3 years lou Merge trunk revisions 2583:2610 into autotools-update.
(edit) @2583   3 years lou Merge trunk revisions 2411:2582 into autotools-update.
(edit) @2525   3 years stefan improve formatting
(edit) @2523   3 years stefan add FAQ, FYI, and fpump from Trac Wiki to Cbc User's Guide
(edit) @2522   3 years stefan reproduce r558 and r559
(edit) @2521   3 years stefan migrate Cbc documentation to gh-pages - converted docbook to markdown …
(edit) @2414   3 years lou Remove COIN_INIT_LIBVARS.
(edit) @2412   3 years lou Merge trunk 2389 -- 2410. Propagate BuildTools? changes.
(edit) @2400   3 years stefan use Cbc's own; remove upload to bintray for now
(edit) @2399   3 years stefan eliminate CYGPATH_W from -I flags; rerun autotools
(edit) @2396   3 years stefan update travis file
(edit) @2395   3 years stefan add and compile; remove check for …
(edit) @2394   3 years stefan update Dependencies
(edit) @2393   3 years stefan clear out base directory
(edit) @2391   3 years lou Fix up handling of nauty now that COIN_CHK_LIB has a functioning link …
(edit) @2390   3 years lou Bring Cbc into the autotools-update world. Rough, many options untested.
(edit) @2389   3 years lou Create autotools-update branch from current trunk.
(edit) @1542   11 years stefan remove old split branch
(edit) @1463   12 years stefan rerun autotools; move some code from OsiConfig?.h to CbcConfig?.h
(edit) @1448   12 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @1447   12 years stefan change dependency to CoinUtils?/trunk
(edit) @1446   12 years stefan switch to BuildTools?/trunk; rerun autotools
(edit) @1445   12 years stefan use advanced COIN_HAS_MODULE macro; setup addlibs file from .pc file; …
(edit) @1444   12 years stefan use new fallback macro; do not use COIN_HAS_PROJECT anymore
(edit) @1439   12 years stefan add OsiCbc?
(edit) @1438   12 years stefan add no pkg-config fallback (not tested)
(edit) @1437   12 years stefan use pkg-config to find dependencies
(edit) @1436   12 years stefan create split branch from trunk
(edit) @1422   12 years tkr Moving branches/sandbox/ to trunk/
(edit) @1421   12 years tkr Moving current trunk to tags
(edit) @1420   12 years forrest fix if integers have very large coefficients
(edit) @1412   12 years forrest try and modularize threads
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