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(edit) @1313   10 years EdwinStraver Created CbcNodeInfo?, CbcPartialNodeInfo? and CbcFullNodeInfo? out of …
(edit) @1312   10 years forrest running autotools to get correct
(edit) @1308   10 years EdwinStraver Broke up CbcBranchDynamic? and CbcBranchLotsize?.cpp. Updated spreadsheets.
(edit) @1307   10 years EdwinStraver Updated the spreadsheets with latest changes.
(edit) @1306   10 years EdwinStraver Updated makefile
(edit) @1305   10 years EdwinStraver Moved the objects CbcCutBranchingObject?, CbcBranchToFixLots?, and …
(edit) @1303   10 years EdwinStraver Updated csv and xls with latest modifications
(edit) @1302   10 years EdwinStraver Added new files for breakup of CbcBranchBase?
(edit) @1301   10 years EdwinStraver Broke up the objects form CbcBranchBase?
(edit) @1300   10 years bjarni Added CbcSourceFilesTable? and CbcSourceFilesTable2 (separate objects …
(edit) @1299   10 years bjarni Final fix on the, now sandbox compiles ok
(edit) @1298   10 years bjarni Renamed CbcClique?.hpp to .cpp in
(edit) @1297   10 years bjarni Another missing / in
(edit) @1296   10 years bjarni uploading new Cbc/src/ and
(edit) @1295   10 years EdwinStraver Error in make file
(edit) @1294   10 years EdwinStraver With changes for the breakup of CbcBranchActual?
(edit) @1293   10 years EdwinStraver
(edit) @1292   10 years bjarni Add CbcChooseVariable?.hpp and CbcCompare?.hpp to in the sandbox
(edit) @1291   10 years bjarni Add CbcCompare?.hpp and CbcChooseVariable?.hpp to libCbc.vcproj in the …
(edit) @1290   10 years bjarni Extract classes CbcCompare? and CbcChooseVariable? from …
(edit) @1289   10 years bjarni Remove extra Bjarni
(edit) @1288   10 years bjarni Recommitting (rev 1277) CbcModel_stro3.cpp and CbcModel_stro2.cpp to …
(edit) @1287   10 years bjarni Recommitting (rev 1276) Astyle formatting options based on ansi (A1), …
(edit) @1286   10 years EdwinStraver Changed formatting using AStyle -A4 -p
(edit) @1279   10 years bjarni Astyle conversion with --pad-oper (-p) to add consistent padding …
(edit) @1278   10 years bjarni Astyle conversion with --pad-oper (-p) to add consistent padding …
(edit) @1277   10 years bjarni Added CbcModel_stro3.cpp and CbcModel_stro2.cpp to confirm we can set …
(edit) @1276   10 years bjarni Add Astyle formatting options based on ansi (A1), k&r (A3), stroustrup …
(edit) @1275   10 years bjarni Test commit from Bjarni
(copy) @1273   10 years tkr Adding new branches and tags
copied from stable/2.4:
(copy) @1271   10 years forrest Creating new stable branch 2.4 from trunk (rev 1270)
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