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(edit) @424   13 years forrest many changes
(edit) @423   13 years forrest lift and project
(edit) @422   13 years ladanyi added perm configuration file
(edit) @421   13 years forrest back to original
(edit) @420   13 years andreasw delete all OBJS files as well for clean
(edit) @419   13 years forrest possible bug in tree
(edit) @418   13 years forrest sorting
(edit) @417   13 years forrest fix include problem
(edit) @416   13 years forrest for allCuts
(edit) @415   13 years forrest for CbcCbcparam?.cpp
(edit) @414   13 years forrest mostly try and simplify CbcOr?
(edit) @413   13 years forrest example
(edit) @412   13 years forrest lotsizesimple
(edit) @411   13 years forrest to stop message
(edit) @410   13 years forrest for Kish yet again
(edit) @409   13 years forrest now that I understand .am
(edit) @408   13 years forrest feasibilityBase
(edit) @407   13 years forrest for unbounded and gap
(edit) @406   13 years andreasw took over latest changes from trunk
(edit) @405   13 years andreasw updated according to changes in BuildTools?; included some bugfixes …
(edit) @404   13 years forrest for infeasible problems
(edit) @403   13 years forrest adding some examples
(edit) @402   13 years andreasw adapted externals to point to devel branches
(edit) @401   13 years forrest use models message handler in preprocess
(edit) @400   13 years andreasw creating devel branch from scratch from trunk
(edit) @399   13 years andreasw delete current devel branch so that it can be recreated from trunk
(edit) @398   13 years andreasw corrected handling of CXXDEFS and CDEFS for --enable-debug (was ignored)
(edit) @397   13 years forrest to stop warning
(edit) @396   13 years forrest bug in deprecated code
(edit) @395   13 years forrest for cut generators
(edit) @394   13 years forrest new example
(edit) @393   13 years forrest for new example and include
(edit) @392   13 years andreasw added --disable-libname-libcheck to skip link test for user library …
(edit) @391   13 years forrest for ampl and version
(edit) @390   13 years forrest for sos2 and prohibited
(edit) @389   13 years andreasw integrated latest fixed in BuildTools?
(edit) @388   13 years andreasw fixed problem with VERSION preprocessor symbol
(edit) @387   13 years andreasw added CbcBranchDynamic?.hpp to installed headers
(edit) @386   13 years andreasw fixed libtool for GNU compilers on MSys
(edit) @385   13 years andreasw corrected RPATH_FLAGS setting
(edit) @384   13 years ladanyi changed --rpath to -rpath
(edit) @383   13 years andreasw corrected AMPL include flags for Cygwin
(edit) @382   13 years andreasw added base LICENSE file
(edit) @381   13 years andreasw regenerated compilation files with latest BuildTools?; fixed inclusing …
(edit) @380   14 years andreasw fixed example make clean
(edit) @379   14 years forrest zlib
(edit) @378   14 years andreasw added README file; incorporated corrections in coin.m4
(edit) @377   14 years tkr Added LICENSE files
(edit) @376   14 years andreasw corrected VPATH links
(edit) @375   14 years jpfasano Changed doubleParameter method. Code which must be executed was …
(edit) @374   14 years andreasw integrated latest changes in BuildTools?
(edit) @373   14 years jpfasano Fixed uninitialized value oldValue in setIntParameter
(edit) @372   14 years andreasw renamed CBc executables
(edit) @371   14 years andreasw added missing check for ASL in package configure script
(edit) @370   14 years andreasw added external for ThirdParty?/ASL
(edit) @369   14 years andreasw Enabled Ampl executable for Cbc
(edit) @368   14 years andreasw Fixed libtool correction in configure for cl* compilers
(edit) @367   14 years andreasw undid change from revision 363 to 364 to enable compilation
(edit) @366   14 years andreasw Creating devel branch at revision 365
(edit) @365   14 years andreasw slightly modified MinGW modification
(edit) @364   14 years forrest for ampl preprocess sos
(edit) @363   14 years andreasw some BuildTools? fixes to make things work on MinGW
(edit) @362   14 years andreasw set svn:externals definitions from Externals files
(edit) @361   14 years andreasw updated according to changes in BuildTools?
(edit) @360   14 years jpfasano MSDevStudio to MSVisualStudio
(edit) @359   14 years jpfasano MSDevStudio to MSVisualStudio
(edit) @358   14 years jpfasano MSDevStudio to MSVisualStudio
(edit) @357   14 years andreasw initialize ADDLIBS with -lm so that CPLEX etc don't need to explicitly …
(edit) @356   14 years ladanyi finishing conversion to svn
(edit) @355   14 years andreasw undid last commit (patches incorrectly applied)
(edit) @354   14 years ladanyi finished switch to subversion
(edit) @353   14 years andreasw added warning that information might be out of date
(edit) @352   14 years andreasw updated INSTALL file; reran autotools to get latest changes in BuildTools?
(edit) @351   14 years andreasw applied changes in BuildTools?
(edit) @350   14 years andreasw set property on Externals files
(edit) @349   14 years andreasw included bugfix in coin.m4
(edit) @348   14 years andreasw improved check for correct version of autotools
(edit) @347   14 years andreasw improved check for correct version of autotools
(edit) @346   14 years andreasw corrected URL in externals definition
(edit) @345   14 years andreasw use proper automake variables for includes and #defines
(edit) @344   14 years andreasw moved doxygen generation into base directory
(edit) @343   14 years andreasw set keywords property
(edit) @342   14 years andreasw use AC_COIN_FINALIZE
(edit) @341   14 years andreasw reran autotools
(edit) @340   14 years andreasw A number of unifying stylistic changes
(edit) @339   14 years andreasw correct svn:keywords property for and files
(edit) @338   14 years andreasw minor corrections
(edit) @337   14 years andreasw added makefile target doc to produce doxygen documentation
(edit) @336   14 years andreasw moved example file into BuildTools?
(edit) @335   14 years andreasw removed -xnative flag for SUN compilers to make it work with libtool
(edit) @334   14 years andreasw minor corrections for dist target
(edit) @333   14 years andreasw finished examples subdir
(edit) @332   14 years andreasw corrected Externals to exclude MSDevStudio; made Clp examples to work
(edit) @331   14 years andreasw list Config.h file for distribution
(edit) @330   14 years andreasw updated externals for MSDevStudio; make all before test
(edit) @329   14 years andreasw fixed infinite loop in Cbc unitTest; corrected config includes in test …
(edit) @328   14 years andreasw made setting of libtool flag -no-undefined platform dependent
(edit) @327   14 years andreasw temporarily allow shared objects on Cygwin and Msys
(edit) @326   14 years andreasw several fixes for Cygwin; corrected -no-undefined for Darwin
(edit) @325   14 years andreasw changed Config.h behavior
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