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(edit) @2953   3 months unxusr precise: install compiler in script
(edit) @2952   3 months unxusr travis - sourceline
(edit) @2951   3 months unxusr try to build CBC in precise (ubuntu 12.04), with gcc 8 - environment …
(edit) @2950   3 months unxusr try to build CBC in precise (ubuntu 12.04), with gcc 8
(edit) @2949   3 months unxusr try to build CBC in precise too
(edit) @2948   3 months unxusr try to build CBC in precise too
(edit) @2947   3 months tkr Could this be the last required library?
(edit) @2946   3 months unxusr set random seed in C interface
(edit) @2945   3 months tkr Don't run tests on debug builds
(edit) @2944   3 months tkr One more library needs to be added
(edit) @2943   3 months tkr Set up compiler on MT runs
(edit) @2942   3 months tkr Fixing setting of flags in appveyor
(edit) @2941   3 months tkr Some changes to appveyor
(edit) @2940   3 months forrest closer to normal use in unitTest
(edit) @2939   3 months forrest fix null solver bug
(edit) @2938   3 months tkr Re-enabling -MT and MinGW builds
(edit) @2937   3 months stefan sync projdesc xml
(edit) @2936   3 months stefan add forgotten export of CbcSymmetry? class
(edit) @2935   4 months tkr Running new unit test on MIPLIB problems
(edit) @2934   4 months unxusr feature extractor example
(edit) @2933   4 months stefan reduce verbosity a bit
(edit) @2932   4 months forrest allow old use of -unitTest
(edit) @2931   4 months tkr Adjusting for new unit test
(edit) @2930   4 months forrest code an extra miplib unit test
(edit) @2929   4 months stefan need also -lm
(edit) @2928   4 months unxusr Increase verbosity in appveyour
(edit) @2927   4 months stefan reenable after_failure
(edit) @2926   4 months stefan try with -lquadmath added
(edit) @2925   4 months stefan also have COIN_HAS_CLP defined when compiling CbcOrClpParam?.cpp
(edit) @2924   4 months unxusr fixes for Cbc visual studio project files
(edit) @2923   4 months stefan try to guess lapack lflags for static build
(edit) @2922   4 months stefan rename defines to be project specific; rerun autotools
(edit) @2921   4 months samuelbrito replacing CglClique? by CglBKClique in CbcSolver?.cpp and CbcStrategy?.cpp
(edit) @2920   4 months unxusr Check in the C interface if Cbc was built with Gzip/Bzip2 support
(edit) @2919   4 months stefan comment out after_failure - didn't seem to work
(edit) @2918   4 months stefan increase verbosity; run more test; tail config.log if fail
(edit) @2917   4 months tkr Installing static fortran libraries (I hope)
(edit) @2916   4 months samuelbrito removing cgraph construction from CbcSolver?.cpp
(edit) @2915   4 months unxusr forrest's fix for missing CGraph in CbcCutGenerator?
(edit) @2914   4 months samuelbrito removing c++11 auto from CbcSolver?.cpp and CbcHeuristic?.cpp
(edit) @2913   4 months samuelbrito updating
(edit) @2912   4 months stefan use LT_LDFLAGS for test binary, too
(edit) @2911   4 months stefan fixup CPPFLAGS setup - use cbc_generic_CPPFLAGS - remove unused …
(edit) @2910   4 months stefan simplify nauty use - renamed COIN_HAS_NTY to COIN_HAS_NAUTY
(edit) @2909   4 months stefan get XYZ_BUILD into XYZ_CFLAGS - renamed CBC_BUILD to CBCLIB_BUILD
(edit) @2908   4 months samuelbrito Fixing memory issues of conflict graphs in CbcSolver?.cpp
(edit) @2907   4 months stefan fix includecoindir; more cleanup
(edit) @2906   4 months samuelbrito Changing the default value of clqstr to 4
(edit) @2905   4 months samuelbrito Changing the default value of clqstr to 4
(edit) @2904   4 months stefan some cleanup; rerun autotools; add ar-lib
(edit) @2903   4 months samuelbrito Merge conflictgraphs back into trunk.
(edit) @2902   4 months samuelbrito Final merge of trunk changes to conflictgraphs.
(edit) @2901   4 months samuelbrito Last changes before merging.
(edit) @2900   4 months stefan fix calls to CbcMain0/1, followup on 128a386
(edit) @2899   4 months unxusr Fix provided by forrest to rounding with implicit integer variables
(edit) @2898   4 months forrest modify examples to use solverData
(edit) @2897   4 months forrest take out CbcMain0 and 1 without solver data
(edit) @2896   4 months stefan restoring Cbc/stable/2.10
(edit) @2895   4 months stefan creating Cbc/releases/2.10.5 from Cbc/stable/2.10 (rev 2894)
(edit) @2894   4 months stefan temporarily committing release candidate
(edit) @2893   4 months stefan merge r2892
(edit) @2892   4 months stefan update changelog for 2.10.5 release
(edit) @2891   4 months tkr Fixing typo in appveyor.yml
(edit) @2890   4 months tkr Don't run unit test on OS X with clang
(edit) @2889   4 months tkr Fix typo
(edit) @2888   4 months tkr Set environment variable
(edit) @2887   4 months tkr Updates to Travis and appveyor
(edit) @2886   4 months stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @2885   4 months stefan merge r2884 from trunk
(edit) @2884   4 months stefan changelog entry for r2876
(edit) @2883   4 months samuelbrito Inserting new conflict graph infrastructure and cuts in CbcSolver?
(edit) @2882   4 months samuelbrito New conflict graph infrastructure.
(edit) @2881   5 months unxusr Option to round integer variables before saving: default to false. …
(edit) @2880   5 months unxusr clique merge can discover that the MIP is infeasible and this is good
(edit) @2879   5 months unxusr preprocessor definitions in Cbc visual project file
(edit) @2878   5 months stefan include CbcModel?.hpp before CbcOrClpParam?.cpp - so that CbcModel?.hpp …
(edit) @2877   5 months unxusr Revert Cbc_C_Interface.h changes
(edit) @2876   5 months stefan revert CbcModel? change from r2588 (reverts merge of r2582) According …
(edit) @2875   5 months unxusr export Cgl_generateCuts in windows
(edit) @2874   5 months unxusr visual studio C interface DLL fixes
(edit) @2873   5 months forrest make sure Clp solver can't hit max time inside branch and bound
(edit) @2872   5 months unxusr C Interface: set time limit on CLP only when solving a LP, let Cbc set …
(edit) @2871   5 months unxusr less verbose cut generation
(edit) @2870   5 months unxusr C interface: Cbc_solveLinearProgram to solve only LP relaxation
(edit) @2869   5 months stefan fixes for broken links in by @marhag87, closes #288
(edit) @2868   5 months stefan contribution by @jhmgoossens for MSVS v16 project files
(edit) @2867   5 months unxusr authors update
(edit) @2866   5 months unxusr respect log level in C interface
(edit) @2865   5 months forrest allow event handler to access node and allow old timing of messages …
(edit) @2864   5 months stefan fix OSICBCLIB_EXPORT if no config.h
(edit) @2863   5 months stefan adapt default config to declare dllexport only if DLL_EXPORT is defined
(edit) @2862   5 months stefan remove confusing appveyor link - not the current Cbc builds
(edit) @2861   5 months stefan update url
(edit) @2860   5 months stefan update projdesc xml
(edit) @2859   5 months stefan remove outdated INSTALL and README and point-out that AUTHORS is out …
(edit) @2858   5 months stefan move and update Dependencies
(edit) @2857   5 months stefan eliminate root directory - move Cbc/* to root
(edit) @2856   5 months stefan restoring Cbc/stable/2.10
(edit) @2855   5 months stefan creating Cbc/releases/2.10.4 from Cbc/stable/2.10 (rev 2854)
(edit) @2854   5 months stefan temporarily committing release candidate
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