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(edit) @1678   8 years tkr creating Cbc/stable/2.8/ from Cbc/trunk (r1677).
(edit) @1677   8 years tkr temporarily committing stable candidate
(edit) @1676   8 years stefan remove miplib from externals
(edit) @1675   8 years stefan sync with trunk rev1674
(edit) @1674   8 years stefan merge chgset 1588 from stable/2.7; back to all-stables in externals; …
(edit) @1673   8 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @1672   8 years stefan rerun autotools; merge fixes in example Makefiles for mingw/cl from trunk
(edit) @1671   8 years stefan rerun autotools again
(edit) @1670   8 years stefan fix examples Makefile for mingw/cl/no-pkgconfig
(edit) @1669   8 years stefan rerun autotools (fixes for building on AIX and mingw)
(edit) @1668   8 years stefan use CoinFileIO::have*Support to decide whether compressed files can be read
(edit) @1667   8 years stefan remove now redundant counting of test failures; a bit more cleanup
(edit) @1666   8 years stefan use new osi unittest macros and functions in osicbc test
(edit) @1665   8 years stefan do not set rpath for executables, since libtool seem to do it anyway
(edit) @1664   8 years forrest changes for bonmin (and gcc 4.6)
(edit) @1663   8 years forrest changes for bonmin
(edit) @1662   8 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @1661   8 years stefan class members should not depend on internal cbc configuration
(edit) @1660   8 years stefan change to new way of using and installing configuration header files
(edit) @1659   8 years forrest fix for bonmin
(edit) @1658   8 years forrest fix for bonmin
(edit) @1657   8 years forrest correct objectiveValue_
(edit) @1656   8 years forrest allow end cuts and lagomory
(edit) @1655   8 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @1654   8 years forrest allow postprocessing when preprocessing inside CbcModel? solves problem
(edit) @1653   8 years forrest allow cleaner exit when integers all preprocessed away (and compiler …
(edit) @1652   8 years stefan similar to chgset 1649 in trunk
(edit) @1651   8 years Gassmann Changes to MSVS v9 .vcproj files
(edit) @1650   8 years forrest messages for fathoming plus soem attempts at robustness
(edit) @1649   8 years stefan disable printf
(edit) @1648   8 years stefan give Gus write access to MSVisualStudio directories in trunk and …
(edit) @1647   8 years stefan fix seldom segfault when stopping at timelimit, from #1623 in trunk
(edit) @1646   8 years lou Add checks to for zlib and the math, float, and ieeefp …
(edit) @1645   8 years stefan setprecision seem to take an int with gcc4.5
(edit) @1644   8 years stefan fix compiler warnings
(edit) @1643   8 years stefan apply fixes for compiler warnings send by Alpar Juettner: - Every …
(edit) @1642   8 years forrest allow for killing small elements in raedLp
(edit) @1641   8 years forrest out some printf statements
(edit) @1640   8 years stefan adjust to changes in CoinUtils? header files
(edit) @1639   8 years forrest fix AddIntegers? bug (and while I am at it - correct maximize printing)
(edit) @1638   8 years forrest get rid of memory leak
(edit) @1637   8 years forrest get rid of memory leak
(edit) @1636   8 years lou Turn off CLR support in libCbcSolver, libOsiCbc. Oversight, should not …
(edit) @1635   8 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @1634   8 years tkr Updating externals
(edit) @1633   8 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @1632   8 years forrest change NULL to 0 for gcc 4.6!
(edit) @1631   8 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @1630   8 years tkr restoring Cbc/stable/2.6
(edit) @1629   8 years tkr creating Cbc/releases/2.6.4 from Cbc/stable/2.6 (rev 1628)
(edit) @1628   8 years tkr temporarily committing release candidate
(edit) @1627   8 years tkr Merging r1623 from trunk
(edit) @1626   8 years forrest correct timings printed
(edit) @1625   8 years tkr Small fix to reporting of time
(edit) @1624   9 years forrest fix bad bound message
(edit) @1623   9 years forrest allow for elapsed time on unix
(edit) @1622   9 years lou Clean up CbcClpUnitTest?. Easy activation for row cut debugger. …
(edit) @1621   9 years tkr Changing from CPU time limit to wallclock time limit for parallelism
(edit) @1620   9 years stefan add include to cope with changes in Osi/trunk unittest
(edit) @1619   9 years tkr restoring Cbc/stable/2.6
(edit) @1618   9 years tkr creating Cbc/releases/2.6.3 from Cbc/stable/2.6 (rev 1617)
(edit) @1617   9 years tkr temporarily committing release candidate
(edit) @1616   9 years tkr Updating externals
(edit) @1615   9 years tkr Merging changesets 1539, 1540, 1555, 1556, 1557, and 1558 from trunk
(edit) @1614   9 years lou Classic solution for VS2010. Change to trunk dependencies.
(edit) @1613   9 years forrest add variations to heuristic and when to call tuning
(edit) @1612   9 years lou Start of VS2010 solutions.
(edit) @1611   9 years stefan clean more files with make distclean
(edit) @1610   9 years stefan more dependencies: add Mumps for Clp, add Metis for Mumps; rerun autotools
(edit) @1609   9 years stefan change to ThirdParty/Glpk? trunk for now, since Clp/trunk depends on it
(edit) @1608   9 years forrest allow for problems with large integers
(edit) @1607   9 years lou Make logLevel command work again. New build system does not define …
(edit) @1606   9 years forrest CbcCompareBase? changed - take out CbcCompareUser?
(edit) @1605   9 years forrest minor modifications to avoid asserts on odd problem
(edit) @1604   9 years stefan remove unnessary last argument of AC_COIN_MAIN_PACKAGEDIR; rerun autotools
(edit) @1603   9 years lou Make genDefForCbc.ps1 a member of libCbc project.
(edit) @1602   9 years lou Learn to spell eclipse.
(edit) @1601   9 years lou Update xml description.
(edit) @1600   9 years lou Kill off doxydoc complaints.
(edit) @1599   9 years lou Tweak VS project files for deletion of CbcChooseVariable?.hpp.
(edit) @1598   9 years lou CbcChooseVariable? appears to be unused and unfinished. No need to keep it.
(edit) @1597   9 years lou DLL builds won't work very well without the script to generate the …
(edit) @1596   9 years lou Add DLL builds to Cbc.
(edit) @1595   9 years forrest allow absolute paths in gmpl files
(edit) @1594   9 years forrest make compile without glpk
(edit) @1593   9 years forrest allow glpk solution file
(edit) @1592   9 years forrest allow taking out signal
(edit) @1591   9 years forrest modifications to heuristics and allow missing out some printout
(edit) @1590   9 years forrest extra event hook
(edit) @1589   9 years forrest allow SOS greedy with 0-1
(edit) @1588   9 years lou Turn off whole program optimisation for compatibility (avoids link …
(edit) @1587   9 years forrest minor changes to heuristics and fix a memory leak
(edit) @1586   9 years forrest fix minor bug
(edit) @1585   9 years forrest add some more heuristics
(edit) @1584   9 years forrest change code so sample2 can be replaced by driver4 if user wants and …
(edit) @1583   9 years stefan fix addlibs file for cygwin/cl build; rerun autotools
(edit) @1582   9 years forrest add some sos heuristics
(edit) @1581   9 years stefan restoring Cbc/stable/2.6
(edit) @1580   9 years stefan creating Cbc/releases/2.6.2 from Cbc/stable/2.6 (rev 1579)
(edit) @1579   9 years stefan temporarily committing release candidate
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