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(edit) @1473   9 years lou Set CBC_VERSION properly from PROJECTDIR_INIT.
(edit) @1472   9 years lou Tweaks to use PROJECTDIR_INIT to define CBC_VERSION.
(edit) @1471   9 years stefan allow build against installed dependencies without presence of base …
(edit) @1470   9 years stefan make sure installation directory is checked first for header files
(edit) @1469   9 years stefan fix copy-and-paste error
(edit) @1468   9 years stefan do not require CbcConfig?.h in example to decide whether sample or …
(edit) @1467   9 years lou Fix incorrect library order for osiUnitTest.
(edit) @1466   9 years stefan add (back) option to use SoPlex? as LP solver
(edit) @1465   9 years stefan remove addlibs template file
(edit) @1464   9 years stefan merge split branch into trunk; fix some examples
(edit) @1463   9 years stefan rerun autotools; move some code from OsiConfig?.h to CbcConfig?.h
(edit) @1462   9 years tkr Changing externals
(edit) @1461   9 years lou restoring Cbc/trunk
(edit) @1460   9 years lou creating Cbc/stable/2.5/ from Cbc/trunk (r1459). Final stable prior to …
(edit) @1459   9 years lou temporarily committing stable candidate
(edit) @1458   9 years lou Let trunk be trunk, while I'm at it; avoid future fussing.
(edit) @1457   9 years lou Sigh. CBC_VERSION, not CBCVERSION.
(edit) @1456   9 years lou Change CBCVERSION to CBC_VERSION for compatibility. Update externals …
(edit) @1455   9 years lou Add CbcCompareBase?.hpp to includecoin_HEADERS; clear Ticket #94.
(edit) @1454   10 years stefan restoring stable/2.4
(edit) @1453   10 years stefan creating releases/2.4.2 from stable/2.4 (rev 1452)
(edit) @1452   10 years stefan temporarily committing release candidate to stable
(edit) @1451   10 years forrest more changes for bonmin
(edit) @1450   10 years forrest for BonMin?
(edit) @1449   10 years forrest small change for BonMin?
(edit) @1448   10 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @1447   10 years stefan change dependency to CoinUtils?/trunk
(edit) @1446   10 years stefan switch to BuildTools?/trunk; rerun autotools
(edit) @1445   10 years stefan use advanced COIN_HAS_MODULE macro; setup addlibs file from .pc file; …
(edit) @1444   10 years stefan use new fallback macro; do not use COIN_HAS_PROJECT anymore
(edit) @1443   10 years tkr Changing assert to warning message for unit test
(edit) @1442   10 years tkr restoring stable/2.4
(edit) @1441   10 years tkr creating releases/2.4.1 from stable/2.4 (rev 1440)
(edit) @1440   10 years tkr temporarily committing release candidate to stable
(edit) @1439   10 years stefan add OsiCbc?
(edit) @1438   10 years stefan add no pkg-config fallback (not tested)
(edit) @1437   10 years stefan use pkg-config to find dependencies
(edit) @1436   10 years stefan create split branch from trunk
(edit) @1435   10 years bjarni Remove CbcGeneric? project from v8/Cbc.sln
(edit) @1434   10 years bjarni Update v8/libCbc/libCbc.vcproj to include CglResidualCapacity? and …
(edit) @1433   10 years tkr Changing version string to 2.5devel
(edit) @1432   10 years bjarni Added extra return at end of each source file where needed, to remove …
(edit) @1431   10 years tkr Updating PM e-mail address
(edit) @1430   10 years tkr Adding more newlines…
(edit) @1429   10 years forrest use cgl/trunk not sandbox (after modifying trunk)
(edit) @1428   10 years tkr One more newline
(edit) @1427   10 years tkr Adding newlines to files
(edit) @1426   10 years tkr Moving unitTestClp.cpp from cbcSolve to libCbc in order to allow …
(edit) @1425   10 years forrest move Clp external from sandbox to trunk
(edit) @1424   10 years forrest add newlines to some .hpp files
(edit) @1423   10 years tkr Changing permissions
(edit) @1422   10 years tkr Moving branches/sandbox/ to trunk/
(edit) @1421   10 years tkr Moving current trunk to tags
(edit) @1420   10 years forrest fix if integers have very large coefficients
(edit) @1419   10 years forrest take out a few redundant lines
(edit) @1418   10 years forrest fix odd accuracy problem when very large elements
(edit) @1417   10 years tkr restoring stable/2.4
(edit) @1416   10 years tkr creating releases/2.4.0 from stable/2.4 (rev 1415)
(edit) @1415   10 years tkr temporarily committing release candidate to stable
(edit) @1414   10 years tkr Updating externals
(edit) @1413   10 years stefan fix CBCVERSION: stable/2.4 does not equal upcoming releases/2.4.0
(edit) @1412   10 years forrest try and modularize threads
(edit) @1411   10 years forrest absolute path name on windows
(edit) @1410   10 years stefan give up waiting and fix externals by myself
(edit) @1409   10 years forrest first attempt at cleaning up threads
(edit) @1408   10 years forrest fix possible assert failure
(edit) @1407   10 years forrest out possible assert failure
(edit) @1406   10 years forrest fix memory leak
(edit) @1405   10 years bjarni Added CbcThread?.cpp to libCbc.vcproj for Visual Studio 2008 (v9) to …
(edit) @1404   10 years forrest preliminary changes for cleaning up threads and smaller CbcModel? methods
(edit) @1403   10 years forrest fix message and increase a tolerance
(edit) @1402   10 years tkr Removing space from Cbc URL
(edit) @1401   10 years lou A final commit to make it clear that CbcSolver? is an unused class in …
(edit) @1400   10 years lou Add a final blank line; hudson test server seems to want it.
(edit) @1399   10 years bjarni Updated in sandbox adding CbcSolverExpandKnapsack?.cpp (and …
(edit) @1398   10 years bjarni Extracted expandKnapsack() from CbcSolver?.cpp and placed it in …
(edit) @1397   10 years tkr Updating externals
(edit) @1396   10 years bjarni Update to add CbcSolverAnalyze?.cpp (and .hpp)
(edit) @1395   10 years bjarni Extracted analyze() from CbcSolver?.cpp and placed it in …
(edit) @1394   10 years bjarni Moving global variables CbcOrClpRead_mode, CbcOrClpReadCommand?, …
(edit) @1393   10 years lou Mark #if 0 with JJF_ZERO and #if 1 with JJF_ONE as a historical …
(edit) @1392   10 years lou Fix increase in time (incorrect parameter to doHeuristic).
(edit) @1391   10 years lou Add comments for callCbc, callCbc1 shells.
(edit) @1390   10 years lou Remove CPX_KEEP_RESULT. Use CBC_OTHER_SOLVER = 1.
(edit) @1389   10 years caphillSNL Start at adding documentation, removing magic numbers, removing dead …
(edit) @1388   10 years bjarni Added CbcLinkedUtils?.cpp and removed ClpAmplStuff?.cpp from …
(edit) @1387   10 years lou This commit removes remaining code associated with NEW_STYLE_SOLVER. …
(edit) @1386   10 years lou Yet another try at cleaning CbcSolver?. This is an intermediate commit …
(edit) @1385   10 years bjarni Updated to add CbcSolverHeuristics?.cpp/.hpp and ran autotools
(edit) @1384   10 years bjarni Updated libCbc.vcproj in Visual Studio 2008 (v9) to include …
(edit) @1383   10 years bjarni Extracted crunchIt, fixVubs, doHeuristics from CbcSolver?.cpp and …
(edit) @1382   10 years tkr Updating externals
(edit) @1381   10 years lou Revert CbcSolver?.cpp. Complications due to ASL require more careful …
(edit) @1380   10 years mjs CbcMain? deleted.
(edit) @1379   10 years lou This should have been deleted. Try again and see if it'll stay dead.
(edit) @1378   10 years tkr Updating externals to new stable versions
(edit) @1377   10 years lou Removed all code related to NEW_STYLE_SOLVER from CbcSolver?. A few …
(edit) @1376   10 years tkr Changing externals to new stable versions
(edit) @1375   10 years bjarni Remove Data/Netlib? and Data/miplib3 from externals property for sandbox
(edit) @1374   10 years bjarni Renamed all CbcGenXXXX.cpp_lou back to CbcGenXXXX.cpp (same for .hpp) …
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