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Relicense under the Eclipse Public License.

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[87]1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
4<holder>IBM Coportation</holder>
7CBC and this documentation are provided under the terms of the
[1565]8<ulink url="">Eclipse Public License
9 (EPL)</ulink>.  Any use, reproduction or distribution of the programs constitutes
[87]10the recipient's acceptance of the license.  The
[1565]11<ulink url="">EPL</ulink> is approved by
12the <ulink url="">Open Source Initiative</ulink>.  The
13Eclipse Foundation, the steward of the
14<ulink url="">EPL</ulink>, has an
15<ulink url="">
16EPL FAQ</ulink> available which is based on the Eclipse Foundation's understanding of the
17<ulink url="">EPL</ulink>.
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