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[1690]4Welcome to the README for the COIN Branch and Cut Solver (CBC). CBC is
5distributed under the Eclipse Public License and is freely redistributable.
6All source code and documentation is Copyright IBM and others. This README may
7be redistributed freely.
[1690]12For a quick start guide, please see the INSTALL file in this distribution. A (somehwat outdated) user's manual is available here:
[1690]16More up-to-date automatically generated documentation of the source code can
17be found here:
[1690]21Further information can be found here:
[1690]25WHAT'S NEW
[1690]28Release 2.7.0:
[1690]301. License has been changed to the EPL.
[1690]322. Support for MSVC++ version 10 added.
[1690]343. Support for BuildTools version 0.7 to incorporate recent enhancements,
35including proper library versioning in Linux, prohibiting installation of
36private headers, etc.
[1690]384. Updated externals to new stable versions of dependent projects.
[1690]405. Improvements to heuristics.
[1690]426. New options for cut generation.
[1690]447. Improved reporting of results.
[1690]468. Improvements to documentation.
[1690]489. Minor bug fixes.
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