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1Prerequisites for installation:
2- at the moment on (*)nix platforms you must use g++ 2.95.2 or higher.
3- must use gnu make
4- to make the documentation doxygen must be installed
6Targets are put in subdirectories, whose name is derived from the
7platform name (as returned by `uname`) and the optimization level
8(e.g., Linux-g).
10To build Osi library and unitTest
11  - read and edit the top of Makefile to select
12      - whether shared or static library should be built
13      - optimization level
14      - where the compiled library should be installed
15        If you want to use the Volume Algorithm as a solver then first
16        you must build and install libvol. See Vol/INSTALL in the COIN
17        root directory.
18  - read and edit ../Makefiles/Makefile.locations to uncomment Clp lines
19  - 'make' to build and install the library.
20  - 'make unitTest' to create the unitTest program. It will be placed
21    in the target subdirectory.
23  - 'make doc' to create the html documentation of the classes in the
24    library and place them in doc/html.
26To run Osi unitTest
27  - unitTest from Osi directory
29To build Cbc executable
30  In This directory 'make unitTest'.  This actually creates and executable
31    cbc in this directory which can both do unit test and act as simple
32    driver.
33  Cbc is fairly complex in that it needs:
34    Cbc, Clp, Coin, Osi and Cgl
36  It has been slightly tested with Osl instead of Clp.  It worked but
37        more slowly as it was harder to give hints to OSL or switch off
38        output etc.
40Samples/sample2.cpp is preferred driver
42For more information see README and files in Samples
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