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1# CBC User's Guide
4- John Forrest, jjforre at us dot ibm dot com, IBM Research
5- Robin Lougee-Heimer, robinlh at us dot ibm dot com, IBM Research
7CBC and this documentation are provided under the terms of the Eclipse Public License (EPL).
8Any use, reproduction or distribution of the programs constitutes the recipient's acceptance of the license.
9The EPL is approved by the Open Source Initiative.
10The Eclipse Foundation, the steward of the EPL, has an EPL FAQ available which is based on the Eclipse Foundation's understanding of the EPL.
13- [Introduction](./intro)
14- [The CBC Model Class](./cbcmodelclass)
15- [Selecting the Next Node in the Search Tree](./nodeselection)
16- [Getting Good Bounds in CBC](./heuristics)
17- [Branching](./branching)
18- [Advanced Solver uses](./advanced)
19- [More Samples](./moresamples)
20- [Messages](./messages)
21- [FAQ](./faq)
22- [Revision History](./revhist)
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