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Externals + CoinBuilds?

What is ALPS?

ALPS is a framework for implementing parallel graph search algorithms. It generalizes many of the notions present in BCP, allowing the implementation of a wider range of algorithms with a simplified interface. ALPS implements the search handling methods required for implementing large-scale, data-intensive parallel search algorithms, such as those used for solving discrete optimization problems. It is the base layer of a planned hierarchy that will include a library for solving mixed-integer linear programs.

Where can I get ALPS?

ALPS is now in the CVS repository. However, ALPS is still considered an experimental code, so use at your own risk! There are also two examples of the use of ALPS in the COIN/Examples subdirectory, a generic branch and cut code and a knapsack solver.

Download and Installation Instructions

The BuildTools project has additional details on downloading, building, installing, available options and troubleshooting.

Included Projects

If you download the Alps package, you get these additional projects.