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First a plea: The project managers for the packages provided on COIN try to make the usage of their code easy and will try to help in case you run into problems. However, before contacting the project manager (via the project's mailing list or by submitting a trouble ticket), please make sure you read and followed the instructions given on the project's home page and on these wiki pages for BuildTools.

Problems During Downloading

If you want to use subversion from the command line (with the svn program), you need to make sure that you have a version of svn that is able to use the SSL layer and is able to connect the https://... URLs. You can find out if your version of svn supports this by typing svn --version. If it says "handles 'https' scheme," you are fine. Otherwise, you need to obtain a different version, or compile the svn executable yourself. In that case, make sure you specify --with-ssl when you run configure for subversion.

For most of the COIN projects, we use the externals feature of subversion, which allows us to get the correct version for all dependencies for each project. You might noticed that this slows the downloading down a bit; you just need to be patient ;)

Problems During Configuration

If you run configure and it doesn't complete with "configuration of XXX successfull", something went wrong. There is no point in trying to do a make anyway, since the Makefiles will not have been created yet. Make sure you read the Preparing the compilation information provided in these wiki pages.

If you still run into trouble, the screen output or the output files config.log generated by configure might help. It is important to know that for a COIN configuration usually several configure scripts are run recursively. Therefore, you should try to find out which configuration script was the one that failed. In the screen output, you find a line like "configure: configuring in Clp" when