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    6767In case you are not able to resolve the problem on your own and want to ask for help, you should '''submit a ticket''' at the Trac home page for the COIN project that doesn't configure properly.  To submit a ticket, you click on the "New Ticket" tab at the top of the project's page and fill out the information (after you registered and logged into the Trac system).  It might be a good idea to attach the {{{config.log}}} file that represents your failed configuration run.  You should '''provide your email address''' in the first box of the page that comes up, so that you will be notified of changes to the ticket, and so that someone might be able to contact you in case more information is required.
    69 == Problem During Compilation ==
     69== Problems During Compilation ==
    7171If you run {{{make}}} to compile the code, you will see a lot of output.  Since most COIN projects use the GNU autotools, the output might be somewhat complicated, but in principle you see every command that is executed.  If the compilation fails, it might be a good idea to have a '''careful look at the error message and at the source file that could not be compiled'''.  You might be able to resolve the problem by adapting the source code; in that case it would be nice if you could '''let the project manager know about your bug fix''' by submitting a ticket that includes the changes you made.  If you are not able to resolve the problem on your own and want to ask for help, you can '''submit a ticket''', and include the output of {{{make}}} and also the {{{config.log}}} file of the COIN sub-project where the failure occurs.  The {{{config.log}}} file includes information about your environment that might be helpful to track the problem.