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    7676Note that the {{{configure}}} script also looks at certain environment variables to determine values.  For example, all the variables listed as [wiki:user-configure#VariableArgumentsforconfigure variable arguments for configure], such as compiler names and options, are picked up by the {{{configure}}} script.  Also, some COIN-OR specific options, such as {{{---with-library-lib}}} can be replaced by environment variables; for example, {{{CPXINCDIR}}} might be defined in your environment from an earlier version of COIN-OR, and it is understood now as the argument of {{{--with-cplex-lib}}}.
     78=== Disabling the use of pkg-config ===
     80With !BuildTools 0.6, some COIN-OR projects make use of pkg-config to communicate compiler and linker flags between projects.
     81While we hope to reach better independence of projects and allow building a project against installed versions of other projects, these major changes come with children diseases that may not have all been eliminated by now.
     83Thus, if you have the impression that building a project may have failed due to a bug in setting up the correct compiler flags to locate header files or dependent libraries, then '''submitting a ticket''' would be very helpful.
     84Additionally, you may try to disable the use of pkg-config by specifying the option
     88to configure. Note that pkg-config configuration files ({{{pkg.pc}}}) are still created and are also used by configure. The {{{--disable-pkg-config}}} option just switches from the use of pkg-config to a shell-scripting based parsing of COIN-OR's {{{pkg.pc}}} files.
     90By disabling pkg-config, features like building a project against installed versions of other projects are not available anymore.
    7892== Problems During Compilation ==