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Doxygen Documentation

Assume that you have downloaded the source code of a COIN-OR package Pkg in a local directory coin-Pkg and used coin-Pkg/build as build directory, following the quick download and installation guide?.

If you have Doxygen available, you can build the html documentation by typing

make doxydoc

in the directory coin-Pkg/build. Then open the file coin-Pkg/doxydoc/html/index.html with a browser. Note that this creates the documentation for all the projects included in the Pkg package. If you prefer to generate the documentation only for a subset of these projects, you can edit the file coin-Pkg/doxydoc/doxygen.conf to exclude directories (using the EXCLUDE variable, for example).

If Doxygen is not available, a link to an on-line version of the html documentation might be available from the respective project pages available from the COIN-OR projects page.

Additional Help