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Downloading the Source Code

The source code for the COIN-OR projects is maintained using the subversion version control system. We recommend to obtain the source code directly from the subversion repository system, since it allows one to obtain updates and bugfixes very easily. We also provide daily snapshots of the main (official) branch for each project in the form of tarballs.

The source code usually comes with the directory structured explained here.

Obtaining the Code Using Subversion

Getting Subversion

In order to download the code from COIN via subversion, you need to have a subversion client installed on your computer. On UNIX-like systems, including Linux and Cygwin, the executable is usually called svn. Subversion is available from The source code and some precompiled binaries can be downloaded here. If you compile the code on your own, make sure you specify the --with-ssl flag when you run the ./configure script, so that your svn executable is able to connect to https:// servers.

For Windows systems, you can use the ??? client, which can be obtained WHERE?

Downloading the Code

Unix-type system (including Linux and Cygwin)

In order to obtain the source code for a COIN package (say Pkg), you go into the directory where you want to have subversion put the source code in a new subdirectory (say, coin-Pkg). Here, you type

svn checkout coin-Pkg

You need to replace the Pkg string in the URL above with the name of the particular COIN package you want to get (such as Cbc, Osi, etc). You can choose any name for the directory where the source code should go (coin-Pkg in the above example). The trunk part of the URL is used to specify that you want to obtain the code for the latest official release.

With this command, subversion will download all the source code and other files required to compile and run the chosen package, including code from other COIN projects that are required for the compilation of the chosen package. Note, however, that third-party source code (such as the code for the AMPL solver library) will not be downloaded and has to be obtain separately (see WHERE?)

If you want to update your local copy of the code at a later point to get the latest changes made in the official version of the package, you go into the downloaded base directory (coin-Pkg), and type svn update.


On a Windows machine, you can download the code with ???

Obtaining the Code Via Tarballs

Daily snapshots for each package, including all (COIN-internal) dependencies and data files, can be found at The name of the tarball is usually of the form ???.tar.gz

To extract the source code from the tarball on a UNIX-like system, you go into the directory in which you want the source code directory to be created. Then you type

gunzip ????.tar.gz
tar xvf ????.tar

If you don't like the name of the extracted base directory, you can rename it, but do not rename any directories inside the source code tree.

On Windows, you can use the standard decompression programs to extract the files.