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    9999== Performing a VPATH Compilation ==
    101 If you follow the above instructions, the ob
     101If you follow the above instructions, the compiled files will be in the same directories as then source files.  It is possible to compile the code in a different place than where the source code is (using the make VPATH feature).  This can, for example, be handy, if you want to have several compiled versions around (e.g., for different operating systems when you are working on a shared files system, or a production and debug version).
     103To do a VPATH compilation, you simply run the {{{configure}}} script in the directory where you want to have the compiled files.  E.g., if the base directory of the COIN packages is in {{{$HOME/Coin-Clp}}} and you want to compile the code in {{{$HOME/Obj/debug/Coin-Clp}}}, you go into the latter directory and type
     106$HOME/Coin-Clp/configure --enable-debug -C
     109(Of should, you use those options for {{{configure}}} that you want to use, not necessarily the above ones.)  After you run {{{configure}}}, you will find the same directory structure under {{{$HOME/Obj/debug/Coin-Clp}}} as in {{{$HOME/Coin-Clp}}} (at least those directories that have source code in {{{$HOME/Coin-Clp}}}), together with the Makefiles.  To compile the code, you how enter the {{{make}}} commands in {{{$HOME/Obj/debug/Coin-Clp}}}.  Note, that if you install the code and didn't specify a specific installation location with the {{{--prefix}}} flag, the installed files will go into {{{bin}}}, {{{lib}}}, and {{{include}}} subdirectories of {{{$HOME/Obj/debug/Coin-Clp}}}.
     111'''Note:''' A VPATH compilation is not possible, if you ran {{{configure}}} already in the source code directory ({{{$HOME/Coin-Clp}}} in the example above).  You would need to do a {{{make distclean}}} in the source code directory first.