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    1414'''More info: ''' The script fails during a check of the CPLEX library. Apart from that, the script works without problems. Disabling the check thus "solves" the problem. The "`make`" and "`make test`" commands then should work without any additional changes - just remember to have the CPLEX dll in the path and `ILOG_LICENSE_FILE` system variable pointing to the CPLEX license file...
     16=== Other things ===
     18 * When compiling with Intel or MS compilers in Windows, the build system might not setup '''compilation dependencies'''.
     19   Thus, a build not from scratch after changing a few header files might lead in unresolved symbols or runtime problems that are more difficult to track.[[BR]]
     20   One can tell configure to enable the dependency tracking system even when it things that it slows down the compilation by adding {{{--enable-dependency-tracking}}} to the configure call. (see also the [ automake manual])
    1622== Comments and Tricks for Compilation ==
    2127 {{{OPT_CXXFLAGS="-O3 -fno-omit-frame-pointer -momit-leaf-frame-pointer -DNDEBUG" }}}
     29 * GCC 4.3.0 (experimental) can report a lot of warnings about type conversions. You can turn this off by adding {{{-Wno-conversion}}} to your {{{ADD_CXXFLAGS}}}.
     31 * When compling with MS C/C++ compiler (cl) and using f2c for Blas, the compiler flags used to compile translated Fortran files and the flags used to other compile C files might be different. This can lead to different library dependencies (e.g., libc.lib vs. libcmt.lib) and thus to warnings when binaries are build.[[BR]]
     32  A way to avoid this is to set FFLAGS, e.g., if you do an optimized build, you might want to set {{{FFLAGS="-MT"}}} (at least). (see also ticket #60)
    2334== Comments and Tricks for Using COIN Libraries ==