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    9595A project manager may wish to create "static" pages, i.e., pages that are not part of Trac's wiki system, not editable by anyone but themselves. To facilitate this, for every new project in the root of the svn repository of the project a directory named "`html`" is created, with one single "`index.html `" file in it. This file contains a simple redirect to the trac pages. Whenever something is committed to the html directory the content of the directory is mirrored on the web and is available at So the default index.html just simply says that the home of the project lives in trac and redirects there. If the PM creates a new "`index.html`" then that will be displayed. The COIN-OR css (cascading style sheet) definitions are available to those who want to create nice pages here. For an example about how to use them look at the source of
     99== Scripts and Logs ==
     101For the benefit of the curious, the scripts that run every night on the server can be found at The script is invoked by cron, the rest is invoked by Logs of are available for the past two weeks at