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Oct 18, 2006 1:02:08 AM (14 years ago)

added a few items to the point release checklist


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    8080 1. Make sure your code now still works fine:
    8181    i. clean everything ({{{make clean}}})
    82     i. rebuild the autotools files {{{./BuildToolds/run_autotools}}}
     82    i. rebuild the autotools files ({{{./BuildToolds/run_autotools}}})
     83    i. make sure (using {{{svn status}}}) that this '''did not change any files in the externals subdirectories.'''  (If it did change, say, a {{{configure}}} file, it means that the dependency has not used the same version of !BuildTools that you are using.  '''This must be reconciled first'''.)
    8384    i. rerun {{{configure}}}
    8485    i. compile and install the code ({{{make install}}})
    85     i. run your tests ({{{make tests}}})
     86    i. run your tests ({{{make tests}}}) and do whatever you do to convince yourself that it works.
    8687 1. If that works fine, commit what is now in your local copy into back into the stable branch of your project ({{{svn commit}}})
     88 1. As a sanity check, you might want to try if the code now in your stable branch compiles and runs fine on a different machine ({{{svn update}}} and {{{make tests}}} on the other machine)
    8789 1. Create a copy of the current version of your stable branch as a new point release, as described [wiki:pm-svn-releases#CreatingaNewPointRelease here].