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    5353The {{{-r N}}} flag allows you to update your local copy to a specific revision number ({{{N}}}).  To avoid recursion into subdirectories during the update, use the {{{-N}}} flag.  The {{{--ignore-externals}}} flags tells subversion to ignore the externals.
     55=== svn switch (short form: svn sw) ===
     57This command is similar to {{{svn update}}}, but you use it to '''switch the local copy to a different path in the subversion repository'''.  For example, if you checked out a particular point release into a certain directory earlier, you can use this command to change your local copy to a newer point release.  It is the way to move a working copy to a branch or tag within the same repository.
    5559=== svn status (short form: svn st) ===
    5761If you want to find out the '''status of the files in your local copy''', you use this command.  This will tell you, which files and directories in your local copy have local modifications, which files are marked for addition or deletion, etc.  To see a list of the symbol that show up for the files, type "{{{svn help status}}}", or look read about it in the [ subversion book].
     63=== svn info ===
     65This command is used to '''obtain information about a file and directory in the local copy'''.  For example, "{{{svn info filename}}}" shows you the URL to the corresponding file in the subversion repository, what the current subversion revision number is, and at which subversion revision number this file has last been changed.
    5967=== svn commit (short form: svn ci) ===