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    6363Typically, after you worked on your development branch for a while and want to make the current version in there the new official release for your project, you want to "merge" the changes you made in the branch into the '''trunk''' branch.  For this, you use the {{{svn merge}}} command.
     65An {{{svn merge}}} conceptually does an {{{svn diff}}} to get the difference between two copies of the code, and applies the difference as patch to the work copy, in which {{{svn merge}}} is performed, but it is more powerful than just obtaining the {{{diff}}} output and applying the patches yourself, since it will also rename and create files and directories, when this was within the changes that were done between the two copies.
     67In the example of maintaining a development branch {{{devel}}} for the active code development, you will have created a new branch {{{devel}}} branch as described above.  ''You should note somewhere, which the revision number was at which you split the development branch from the main {{{trunk}}} branch, or the revision number when you updated the official code release in {{{trunk}}} most recently.''  An easy way to do this is to include the revision number in the {{{commit}}} message when you first submit the new branch, or in the message for the {{{commit}}} when you submit the merges applied to the {{{trunk}}} vesion.