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    2323this would cause a problem, becuase the "official" project name is "!CoinUtils" and !CoinUtils is what needs to be in the <projectName> tag.
     25== Does anyone have experience with building Coin with Eclipse CDT on Cygwin? ==
     26A: Here is what I have done so far.  It is a long list, so I am writing it here.  Please feel free to edit:
     28  1. Install JRE 5.0
     29  1. Install Eclipse Classic 3.4 and Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers (you may not need the first one).
     30  1. Start Eclipse and choose a workspace location.  It is a good idea not to have spaces in directory names.
     31  1. Go through the "C/C++ Getting started" exercises, all the way through to "debugging".  You will find that some Cygwin libraries and exe's are missing along the way.  These are in /usr/bin.  I had to open a Cygwin window, copy them to /cygdrive/c, and in Windows move them over to C:\WINDOWS. (I didn't have any luck putting c:\cygwin\usr\bin into the PATH variable...Windows just doesn't seem to see any files in that directory -- is it a symbolic link?)
     32  1. Use the Eclipse Software Update tool to install Subclipse.
     33  1. Create the subversion repository (eg. in the Subclipse view.
     34  1. Checkout the project (eg. proj/trunk) as a normal project into a directory in your Eclipse workspace.
     35  1. Obtain the fixed version of make 3.81 (see the CoinHelp for this issue).
     36  1. Open a Cygwin window and do configure/make as usual in the checkout directory.
     37  1. ..that's as far as I've gotten...