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The Base Directory File

The purpose of the configuration script is to test what COIN subdirectories are present and should be compiled, and the initiate the configuration in those subdirectories.

In the following we show the typical content of the {{{}} file for this directory and add comments explaining what it means and how it is adapted for a different project.

# Copyright (C) 2006 International Business Machines.
# All Rights Reserved.
# This file is distributed under the Common Public License.

## $Id:,v 2006/04/19 23:25:12 andreasw Exp $

# Author:  Andreas Waechter            IBM    2006-04-13

Everything in a line followed by a "#" is a comment. Comments are usually copied into the generated configure script, unless the line starts with at least two "#". Note the $$Id...$ stringl; this is a straing that is adapted by subversion and