Unix-like Environment Download and Installation

NOTE: Please check the current issues page before trying to configure and compile the code.

1. Download

Assume that you want to get the package Pkg (for example, Clp, or Cbc).

Go to the COIN-OR source archive site and click on the directory corresponding to Pkg. It is likely that more than one archive file is available there. Download the one with the largest release number (i.e. most recent), such as Pgk.x.y.z.tgz.

2. Extract

For example use:

gunzip Pgk-x.y.z.tgz
tar xvf Pgk-x.y.z.tar

3. Configure and Compilation

3.1. Go into the directory created in step 2:

cd Pkg-x.y.z

3.2. Create a subdirectory build for building the code, go there and run the configuration script:

mkdir build
cd build

Make sure the last line of output says that the configuration was successful. Otherwise go to the troubleshooting page to try to figure out what is wrong or to the configuration script page for help.

3.3. Compile the code:


3.4. Test the compiled code (optional):

make test

The last line of the output should indicate that all tests were run successfully. If this is not the case, you might find help either on the troubleshooting page, the more detailed instructions page, or the the project page listed on the COIN-OR projects page.

4. Installation

4.1. Install the generated libraries, executables, and header files:

make install

This will create subdirectories

  • build/bin containing the executables;
  • build/lib containing the libraries;
  • build/include containing the header files.

5. Doxygen Documentation

If you have Doxygen available on your machine, you can create the html documentation for the Pkg package as indicated here.

Additional Help and Reporting Problems

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