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Current Issues


  • Configure is unable to find the symbol glp_lpx_simplex when checking for the presence of glpk. Glpk has changed its naming convention for API routines. This is normally invisible to users of glpk (who always use lpx_simplex in code). The current COIN configuration tests do not understand the trick used by glpk (#defines in the various .h files). The workaround is to use the configuration flag --disable-glpk-libcheck. If you have the ability to regenerate configuration files, add a leading underscore ('_') to the symbol in relevant files. For example,



The same problem exists with glp_mpl_initialize; the workaround is --disable-gmpl-libcheck or edit to look for _glp_mpl_initialize.



  • --omit-frame-pointer leads to failure of C++ throw for some GCC compiler versions (GCC 3.3 and 3.4, for example). Suggested solutions:
    1. If possible, upgrade to a GCC version which does not have this problem. GCC 4.1.1 is known to work correctly in many environments.
    2. Use the variables OPT_CXXFLAGS, OPT_CFLAGS, and OPT_FFLAGS to override the default optimisation options when executing configure. To determine the correct set of options, look for the string omit-frame-pointer in BuildTools/coin.m4. Currently (06.10.20), adding

to the command line options for configure should do the trick.

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