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omit-frame-pointer has been removed from compiler flags; glpk library linking check has been removed


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    2929      --enable-static --disable-shared
    3030   }}}
    32  * '''Configure is unable to find the symbol {{{glp_lpx_simplex}}} when checking for the presence of glpk.''' Glpk has changed its naming convention for API routines. This is normally invisible to users of glpk (who always use {{{lpx_simplex}}} in code). Current COIN-OR configuration tests understand this; the best solution is to upgrade.
    34  If that's not convenient, the workaround is to use the configuration flag {{{--disable-glpk-libcheck}}}. If you have the ability to regenerate configuration files, add a leading underscore ('_') to the symbol in relevant {{{}}} files. For example,
    35 {{{
    36 AC_COIN_HAS_USER_LIBRARY([Glpk],[GLPK],[glpk.h],[glp_lpx_simplex])
    37 }}}
    38  becomes
    39 {{{
    40 AC_COIN_HAS_USER_LIBRARY([Glpk],[GLPK],[glpk.h],[_glp_lpx_simplex])
    41 }}}
    42  The same problem exists with {{{glp_mpl_initialize}}}; the workaround is {{{--disable-gmpl-libcheck}}} or edit {{{}}} to look for {{{_glp_mpl_initialize}}}.
    4432 * '''"./configure: line 20: $'\r': command not found" error on Cygwin.'''  If you see an error like this on Cygwin, it means that your setting for Cygwin is such that the native text style is "Windows" and not "Unix".  As a consequence, the {{{configure}}} and other shell scripts have Window-style line end characters, which cannot be digested properly by the shell.  As a work-around, you can run the "{{{dos2unix}}}" program to correct all failing shell scripts (e.g., by typing "{{{dos2unix configure}}}").  In the long run, we will change the subversion properties for those files to avoid this problem, but it might take some time until all files have been corrected.
    7967== Execution ==
    81  * '''--omit-frame-pointer leads to failure of C++ throw''' for some GCC compiler versions (GCC 3.3, 3.4, and 4.0.2, for example). Suggested solutions:
    82   1. If possible, upgrade to a GCC version which does not have this problem. GCC 4.1.1 is known to work correctly in many environments.
    83   1. Use the variables OPT_CXXFLAGS, OPT_CFLAGS, and OPT_FFLAGS to override the default optimisation options when executing {{{configure}}}. To determine the correct set of options, look for the string {{{omit-frame-pointer}}} in !BuildTools/coin.m4. Currently (06.10.20), adding
    84 {{{
    86 }}}
    87     to the command line options for {{{configure}}} should do the trick.
    88   1. It is also worth to try the flags
    89 {{{
    90 OPT_CXXFLAGS="-O2 -fno-omit-frame-pointer -momit-leaf-frame-pointer -DNDEBUG"
    91 }}}
    9369 * '''Ampl Solver Library crashes with GNU compiler 4.4.1''', it segfaults in la_replace, see Ipopt ticket  Solution is to use an older or newer compiler.