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General Configuration and Installation Instructions for COIN projects

These webpages are intended to give users as well as developers of many COIN projects information on how to use and modify the COIN code. These pages apply to COIN projects that are using subversion as the source code repository and autotools for configuring, building and installing. The coin projects that these pages apply to are:

  • Cbc
  • Clg
  • Clp
  • CoinUtils
  • Dylp
  • Osi
  • Vol

Information for users

The very short version of the download and installation instructions for UNIX-like system (including Linux and Cygwin) is this:

  1. Get the code via subversion using the following command (where Prj needs to be replaced by the name of the COIN project you want to install, e.g., Cbc)
    svn co  coin-Prj
  2. Go into the downloaded directory and run the configuration script
    cd coin-Prj; ./configure
    Make sure the last line of output says that the configuration was successful.
  3. Compile the code
  4. Test the compiled code
    make test
  5. Install the generated libraries, executables, and header files
    make install

This will create subdirectories bin, lib, and include in the download directory with the product of the compilation.

That might work in most cases, but it is probably a good idea to read the information on the home page for the desired COIN project , and to learn more using the links below.

Information for project managers

The information behind the links below is mostly intended for people working on COIN projects, i.e., project managers as well as contributors.