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    1 = Welcome to COIN Help =
     1= Welcome to !CoinHelp =
    3 The information behind these webpages tells you how to obtain and compile most of the packages available on COIN-OR.  Project managers can find also find [wiki:pm-main information on using the BuildTools here]
     3!CoinHelp tries to help users and project managers to find information about COIN-OR. Below are information for users of COIN-OR projects.
     4Detailed information for project managers can be found [wiki:pm-main here].
    5 If you want to obtain '''precompiled binaries''' (executables and libraries), please go to the [ COIN binaries page] (only available for some packages and platforms).
     6= Information For Users =
    7 Below you find straight-forward instructions for '''downloading and compiling the source code''' if you are using a UNIX-like system (inclkuding Linux, Cygwin, MSys).  More detailed information is available [wiki:pm-detailed here]. The [ MSVisualStudio] project describes how several COIN-OR projects can be built with Microsoft Visual Studio.
     8The COIN projects that these pages currently apply to are:
     9 * Cops (Alps, BiCePS, Blis), Bonmin, Cbc, Cgl, Clp, !CoinUtils, Dylp, FlopC++, Ipopt, Osi, Smi, SYMPHONY, Vol
    9 -----------------------------------
    11 == Minimal Download and Installation Instructions ==
    13 '''NOTE: Please check the [wiki:current-issues current issues page] before trying to configure and compile the code.'''
     14== Precompiled Libraries and Executables  ==
    15 The '''very short version of the download and installation instructions''' for UNIX-like system (including Linux and Cygwin) are as follows.  The simple commands work in most cases if you don't have particular requirements, but it is probably a good idea to read the information on the home page for the desired COIN project, and to learn [wiki:pm-detailed more details here].  You can also share comments, trick and hints with other users and developers at the [wiki:user-comments user comments page].
     16If you want to obtain precompiled binaries (executables and libraries), please go to the [ COIN binaries site].
     17Only some of the packages are available in this way and only for some (common) platforms.
    17 Assume that you want to compile the package {{{Pkg}}} (where {{{Pkg}}} needs to be replaced below by the name of the COIN package you want to install).
    19  1. Find out what version of the code you would like to obtain.
    20    * '''If you only want to download and compile the code only once''', we recommend that you '''get the source code archive''' from the [ COIN source site].  For each package, you find a subdirectory there that with several archives.  Usually, you would choose the one with the latest release number, such as {{{Pgk.x.y.z.tgz}}}.
    21    * '''If you want to stay up to date with bug-fixes and improvements''', we recommand that you use [wiki:user-download#ObtainingtheCodeUsingSubversion subversion] to '''get the latest stable branch'''.  In this way, you can get updates of the source code very easily at a later point, without having to having to redo all the installation steps.  You will need to know the number of the stable branch you want to obtain (see the projects' home page).  Below, we denote this number with {{{x.y}}}.
    22  1. Get the code for the desired package {{{Pkg}}}:
    23    * ''As archive'': Download the archive {{{Pgk-x.y.z.tgz}}} from the [ COIN source archive site] and extract it, for example with
    24 {{{
    25 gunzip Pgk-x.y.z.tgz
    26 tar xvf Pgk-x.y.z.tar
    27 }}}
    28    * ''Via subversion'': Go into the directory where you want to have a subdirectory with the downloaded source code and type
    29 {{{
    30 svn co  Pkg-x.y
    31 }}}
    32      The COIN-OR FAQ page has a brief explanation of [ how to use a Windows subversion client] to download the code.
    33  1. Go into the downloaded directory, create a subdirectory for the compiled code, and run the configuration script
    34 {{{
    35 cd Pkg-x.y.z   (or cd Pkg-x.y)
    36 mkdir build
    37 cd build
    38 ../configure
    39 }}}
    40    Make sure the last line of output says that the configuration was successful.  The {{{configure}}} script has many customization features. To learn more about them, go to the [wiki:user-configure Preparing the compilation page].
    41  1. Compile the code
    42 {{{
    43 make
    44 }}}
    45  1. Test the compiled code (optional)
    46 {{{
    47 make test
    48 }}}
    49  1. Install the generated libraries, executables, and header files
    50 {{{
    51 make install
    52 }}}
    53     This will create subdirectories {{{bin}}}, {{{lib}}}, and {{{include}}} in the download directory with the product of the compilation.
    54  1. If you downloaded the code with subversion, you can update your local copy of the stable branch and recompile.
    55 {{{
    56 cd /path/to/Pkg-x.y
    57 svn update
    58 cd build
    59 }}}
    60   and continue at the compilation step 4 above.
     20== Quick Download and Installation Guide ==
    62 If these simple instructions don't work for you, please check for [wiki:pm-detailed more detailed information], and visit the
    63 [wiki:user-troubleshooting Troubleshooting page].
     22The [wiki:downloadMain quick download and installation guide] work in most cases if you don't have particular requirements.
    65 [wiki:downloadMain Short download and installation guide]
     26[[TOC(inline,heading=Detailed Information For Users,user-directories,user-download,user-configure,user-compile,user-examples,user-troubleshooting,user-comments)]]
     30== Additional Help ==
     32 * [ COIN-OR mailing list] for general questions.
     33 * Most projects have their own [ mailing list]. If available, use the project mailing list for project specific issues.
     34 * [wiki:user-troubleshooting Troubleshooting page]
     35 * [wiki:CoinHelpMain More detailed instructions page]
     36 * [ Reporting bugs and problems] for download and installation.
     37 * [wiki:pm-main Information for project managers]
     40''Note that these project webpages are based on Wiki, which allows webusers to modify the content to correct typos, add information, or share their experience and tips with other users.  You are welcome to contribute to these project webpages.  To edit these pages or submit a ticket you must first [ register and login].''