Nov 1, 2018:

2:47 PM Ticket #90 (pkg-config search path setup assumes libdir is prefix/lib) closed by stefan
fixed: I agree. I think you mean this nice code: […]

Oct 31, 2018:

6:08 AM Changeset [3885] by stefan
revert r3867

Oct 28, 2018:

11:06 AM Ticket #121 (discontinue ThirdParty/Blas and Lapack) created by stefan
I think of just forgetting about ThirdParty/Blas and …
9:35 AM Changeset [3884] by stefan
also map build_os msys to mingw: helps on building uninstalled …
9:25 AM Changeset [3883] by stefan
do no longer disable dependency tracking - not clear to me why it is …

Oct 27, 2018:

12:37 PM Changeset [3882] by stefan
try to handle case with spaces in pcfile, e.g., due to specification …
11:30 AM Changeset [3881] by stefan
recognize also 'compile cl' as cl
11:21 AM Changeset [3880] by stefan
do not confuse clang with cl
11:01 AM Changeset [3879] by stefan
rename ac_result to ac_success; it seems common to have yes or no as result
10:54 AM Changeset [3878] by stefan
add define for XYZ_EXPORT - define to declspec(dllimport) when …
9:33 AM Changeset [3877] by stefan
rerun autotools
9:22 AM Changeset [3876] by stefan
disable debug output, unless BUILDTOOLS_DEBUG=1 is set
9:14 AM Changeset [3875] by stefan
add macros to check for various name mangling schemes in link check; …

Oct 25, 2018:

7:50 AM Changeset [3874] by stefan
add macro AC_COIN_NAMEMANGLING to check for namemangling of …

Oct 23, 2018:

3:38 PM Ticket #120 (--git is not obeyed for Data dependencies in get.dependencies.sh) closed by stefan
fixed: tkr changed this recently in his work on …
3:35 PM Ticket #120 (--git is not obeyed for Data dependencies in get.dependencies.sh) created by juan-pablo-vielma
Created at Aug 24, 2018: BuildTools/get.dependencies.sh, Lines 350 …

Oct 21, 2018:

7:07 PM Ticket #119 (pass -version-number instead of -version-info to libtool?) created by stefan
Then libtool should do the conversion of the major/minor/release …
5:52 PM Changeset [3873] by stefan
disable static by default, see also #118
5:45 PM Ticket #98 (change --with-pic default to yes) closed by stefan
fixed: Added pic-only with r3872.
5:44 PM Changeset [3872] by stefan
also build static libraries with PIC by default; closes #98

Oct 19, 2018:

9:23 PM Ticket #118 (disable static by default (again)) created by stefan
I think I might disable static builds by default again (though I want …
11:00 AM Ticket #117 (test Intel Compiler on Windows) created by stefan
libtool 2.4.6 might not handle icl as cl yet, since something related …

Oct 17, 2018:

6:39 PM Ticket #116 (eliminate copy of autotools files in BuildTools) closed by stefan
fixed: Done by [3870] and [3871].
6:37 PM Changeset [3871] by stefan
make installation of auxiliary files a default - remove -i and …
6:19 PM Changeset [3870] by stefan
remove autotools own files from repository, see #116 - pick them up …
5:53 PM Ticket #116 (eliminate copy of autotools files in BuildTools) created by stefan
Is there any reason to have a copy of autotools files (compile, …
5:46 PM Changeset [3869] by stefan
pass win32-dll to LT_INIT - this means that for Windows we assume …
5:34 PM Changeset [3868] by stefan
add -no-undefined to libtool ldflags, see also #112
4:54 PM Changeset [3867] by stefan
remove creation of coin_subdirs.txt; does not seem to be used anywhere
3:40 PM Changeset [3866] by stefan
increase make verbosity if verbosity=4
12:00 PM Ticket #115 (rename get.dependencies.sh) created by stefan
Would it make sense to rename the script? The current name doesn't …
11:56 AM Ticket #114 (remove monolithic option from get.dependencies.sh) created by stefan
This kind of build will not be possible anymore.
11:38 AM Ticket #113 (support for systems without pkg-config) created by stefan
Currently we rely on pkg-config being available. That seems to be …
11:34 AM Ticket #112 (build shared libraries on Windows) created by stefan
Make sure autotools can build proper DLLs on Windows. Probably …
11:24 AM Ticket #111 (improve cl wrapper) created by stefan
Regarding Automake/compile or cccl: - -EHsc should always(?) be …
11:11 AM Ticket #95 (upgrade to newer autotools version) closed by stefan
fixed: Development is still going on, but not additionally documented in this …

Oct 16, 2018:

3:22 PM Changeset [3865] by stefan
ensure glpk also installs amd.h, as it may be expected by Clp
1:06 PM Changeset [3864] by stefan
skip commented lines in Dependencies
12:54 PM Changeset [3863] by stefan
rerun autotools
12:39 PM Changeset [3862] by stefan
replace tabs by spaces
12:38 PM Changeset [3861] by stefan
give more details on version mismatch
12:12 PM Changeset [3860] by stefan
rerun autotools
11:12 AM Changeset [3859] by stefan
remove AC_COIN_DEPENDENCY_LINKING - there should no longer be a use …

Oct 15, 2018:

6:33 PM Changeset [3858] by stefan
Lou actually uses automake 1.15.1
5:41 PM Changeset [3857] by stefan
change default in run_autotools to not recurse
5:40 PM Changeset [3856] by stefan
do not recurse in given project directors or . if -nr
8:37 AM Changeset [3855] by stefan
install automake 1.15 instead of 1.15.1 for now (as expected by …

Oct 12, 2018:

10:29 PM Changeset [3854] by lou
Add a link check to COIN_CHK_LIB.
1:54 PM Changeset [3853] by lou
Merge trunk r3810 -- 3852.

Oct 11, 2018:

8:30 PM Changeset [3852] by lou
Add newlines to the end of m4_foreach stanzas so that statements don't …

Oct 10, 2018:

9:17 PM Changeset [3851] by lou
Update configure.ac and coinglpk.pc.in to work with INIT_LIBVARS.
9:13 PM Changeset [3850] by lou
Rationalise the handling of data directories. Add/update comments.
2:08 PM Changeset [3849] by lou
Collateral damage from BuildTools? r3848.
2:06 PM Changeset [3848] by lou
Introduce CHK_HERE, {_CFLAGS,_LFLAGS}_NOPC for use in .pc files and …
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