Oct 28, 2011:

10:18 AM Changeset [2470] by stefan
no more need for NO_ADDITIONAL_CHECKS; add new spxgithash.cpp

Oct 27, 2011:

12:24 PM Ticket #91 (run_autotools & configure insert carriage returns in libtool file) closed by lou
invalid: The most likely problem is that you created the libtool file on a PC …
12:12 PM Ticket #92 (Cbc compilation problem..) closed by lou
invalid: Agreed. This is not a cbc bug, it's just the pain of learning to use …

Oct 25, 2011:

11:46 AM Ticket #92 (Cbc compilation problem..) created by chtsolak
I am a student and i make research. I use windows 7 and MS visual …

Oct 15, 2011:

2:15 PM Changeset [2469] by stefan
make metis optional
10:22 AM Changeset [2468] by stefan
remove untested v9alt/v10alt from stable

Oct 13, 2011:

5:31 PM pm-switch edited by stefan
fix (diff)
5:29 PM pm-project-make edited by stefan
fix name of addlibs file if cl/icl (diff)

Oct 8, 2011:

1:02 PM Changeset [2467] by stefan
install new header too
12:55 PM Changeset [2466] by stefan
install more scip headers
8:27 AM Changeset [2465] by stefan
updates for upcoming soplex release

Oct 7, 2011:

4:38 PM Changeset [2464] by stefan
reenable version number check

Oct 3, 2011:

6:45 AM Changeset [2463] by stefan
remove skiping fortran compiler warning flags, we don't have any anyway
6:26 AM Changeset [2462] by stefan
update installation instructions
6:08 AM Changeset [2461] by stefan
add checks for deps.f and deps90.f90
5:55 AM Changeset [2460] by stefan
give jonathan hogg write permissions for ThirdParty?/HSL

Oct 2, 2011:

4:51 PM Changeset [2459] by stefan
support for upcoming SCIP 2.1
12:00 PM Changeset [2458] by stefan
update for new hsl packaging and add support for MC68, MA86, and even MA97
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