Apr 25, 2010:

12:34 PM Changeset [1519] by tkr
Small additional change
12:33 PM Changeset [1518] by tkr
Merging r1515:1517 from trunk
12:31 PM Changeset [1517] by tkr
How did that bug get recommitted again?
12:29 PM Changeset [1516] by tkr
Removing 'stable' from version number

Apr 24, 2010:

8:30 PM Changeset [1515] by tkr
Putting quotes around the revision number
4:11 PM Changeset [1514] by stefan
rerun autotools
3:35 PM Changeset [1513] by stefan
undo chgset 1511
3:34 PM Changeset [1512] by stefan
fix to setting PROJECT_LIBS
3:00 PM Changeset [1511] by stefan
small workaround for use of pc file in fallback
12:55 PM Changeset [1510] by stefan
fix for case where COIN_HAS_MODULE_FALLBACK is called without having …
12:31 PM Changeset [1509] by stefan
add cludge to handle different usual locations for project libraries
12:11 PM Changeset [1508] by stefan
use new fallback macros to locate Blas and Metis
11:22 AM Changeset [1507] by stefan
new macro AC_COIN_HAS_MODULE_FALLBACK to find packages in a …

Apr 23, 2010:

5:50 PM current-issues edited by andreasw
added note about ASL segfault with GNU compiler version 4.4.1 (diff)
12:50 AM Changeset [1506] by tkr
More bug fixes for the case where arguments are missing…

Apr 22, 2010:

10:57 PM Changeset [1505] by tkr
Fixing conflict with changes Stefan made to allow version info to be set
4:58 PM Changeset [1504] by tkr
Ugh, one more try
4:48 PM Changeset [1503] by tkr
Setting variable for SVN revision number
4:41 PM Changeset [1502] by tkr
Setting variable for SVN revision number
11:36 AM Changeset [1501] by tkr
Setting variable for version number

Apr 3, 2010:

8:04 AM Changeset [1500] by stefan
merge chgset 1499 from stable/1.2: patch for bug in MUMPS
8:02 AM Changeset [1499] by stefan
add patch to fix segfaults when factorizing matrices of size 1

Apr 2, 2010:

10:46 AM WikiStart edited by tkr
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