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#31 fixed make doxydoc doesn't obey VPATH build andreasw lou

Once I've configured for a VPATH build, if I run 'make doxydoc' in the build directory, the doxydoc/html directory is created in the distribution directory. At a glance, the fix probably requires a file.

#32 wontfix How to add Fortran compiler when linking andreasw kmartin


My project links to Ipopt libs. On Linux no problem -- on Mac OS X I need to explicitly put a link to the FORTRAN compiler when building my unitTest. Here is what I do in

if COIN_HAS_IPOPT LIBS += -l$(F77) endif

This seems to work fine. Here is my question: is this the best way to do this? I am worried that this might not work on some platforms.


#33 worksforme Dos-style end-of-line mixed with unix end-of line andreasw fmargot

BuildTools?/headers/configall_system_msc.h has DOS-style end-of-line mixed with unix end-of line, making it impossible to import it in an svn repository on Linux.

Converting the file using dos2unix fixes this.

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