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#22 fixed ADD_CFLAGS is added twice in AC_COIN_PROG_CC somebody lou

ADD_CFLAGS is added twice in AC_COIN_PROG_CC. Comparing with handling of ADD_CXXFLAGS, the code at line 851 needs to go.

#26 fixed Configuration incorrect in Data directory with VPATH build and -mno-cygwin somebody tkr

When you configure the Data project in CYGWIN with the -mno-cygwin option and a VPATH build, soft links are created from the files in build_dir/Data/*/* to the files in src_dir/Data/*/*, but these softlinks cannot be understood by an executable that is compiled with the -mno-cygwin flag, since soft links don't exist in Windows. Furthermore, it seems that even if the configuration was ostensibly done with --enable-gnu-packages, the executables do not infact get linked with bzlib and other GNU libraries, since these also do not exist in Windows.

#27 fixed BuildTools tickets do not have proper components and versions :) :) somebody tkr

Maybe we should change the list of components to a list of projects or something like that.

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