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#118 fixed disable static by default (again) stefan stefan

I think I might disable static builds by default again (though I want to see the effect of #98 first).

Further, on Windows I'll forbid doing a shared and a static build concurrently. The reason is that the config header file (or the CFLAGS in the .pc file) will be different when using shared or static libs, because when linking against a shared lib (DLL), one needs to make sure that __declspec(dllimport) is active in the header files. This is easiest to achieve if one builds only one variant of the libs. Maybe it will also help to work around some of the libtool bugs mentioned in #112 (comments 5 and 6).

#119 migrated pass -version-number instead of -version-info to libtool? stefan stefan

Then libtool should do the conversion of the major/minor/release scheme to libtools own scheme by itself and we can eliminate this logic from our scripts. However, states "New projects should use the -version-info flag".

#120 fixed --git is not obeyed for Data dependencies in tkr juan-pablo-vielma

Created at Aug 24, 2018:

BuildTools/, Lines 350 to 354 in f061d47

 if [ $svn_repo = 'Data' ]; then 
     data_proj=`echo $url | cut -d '/' -f 6` 
     print_action "Checking out Data/$data_proj" 
     svn co $url Data/$data_proj 
     subdirs+="Data/$data_proj " 
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