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#113 migrated support for systems without pkg-config stefan stefan

Currently we rely on pkg-config being available. That seems to be common on Linux and Mac OS X. Also with MSys2 it is either already there by default or easy to install. So maybe we can assume its presence? If not, we could think about distributing an own replacement, e.g., from

#112 migrated build shared libraries on Windows stefan stefan

Make sure autotools can build proper DLLs on Windows. Probably restrict third-party codes (like Glpk), where we do not have control over the code, to static libraries, though.

COIN-OR package should make their API explicit by using __declspec(dllexport/dllimport) (MSVC) and __attribute ((visibility(...))) (GCC).

Then we should pass option win32-dll to LT_INIT (

#111 migrated improve cl wrapper stefan stefan

Regarding Automake/compile or cccl:

  • -EHsc should always(?) be added to compiler flags
  • -g should be mapped to -Zi (or similar)
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