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#91 invalid run_autotools & configure insert carriage returns in libtool file stefan

I am trying to use BuildTools? for my own solver, since it utilizes many coin-or packages.

Based on the web manual, I have created and files in proper directories of my project directory. BuildTools?/run_autotools has been successfully executed and created configure and other files. And ./configure has also been successfully done. But running make file gives a syntax error when using libtool file. When looking into libtool file, I have found that libtool file contains lots of carriage returns. After eliminating all carriage returns by tr -d '\r' libtool command, everything has run successfully.

I have found this issue on Mac OSX and Red Hat Enterprise.

#89 fixed run_autotools fails silently if autoconf is not present stefan tkr

If there is no version of autoconf installed on the machine, then the script exits with no error message or indication of why it failed. This means that when running a script like prepare_new_stable (for example) that calls run_autotools, the calling script exits with no error message and fails to perform any clean-up actions. It looks like the reason is that the script implicitly assumes in several places that the autoconf command is present and that what needs to be checked is just whether it's the right version.

#76 fixed several public headers mess with user's projects andreasw bubla

Hello, I have discovered that your public headers contain stuff that should be internal. For example OsiConfig?.h #undefs PACKAGE_NAME I think that this issue is closely related to the build system, so I post it here. It took me half an hour to figure out why I can't use PACKAGE_NAME in my program because of this :-)

I wonder what's the reason for it anyway. For instance if this is needed during build time, it should be placed into a protective #ifdef section that is accessible only during build... An article that says something about this can be found here:

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