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#122 fixed remove overwrite of --prefix stefan stefan

I more and more think that we should remove

# Where should everything be installed by default?  The COIN default is to
# install directly into subdirectories of the directory where configure is
# run. The default would be to install under /usr/local.


I have the impression that most software keeps the default /usr/local.

It might be convenient for a developer to not install into /usr/local, but for (rather new) users this might come at a surprise.

As far as I understood, the or the coin.install scripts of Ted would be unaffected by such a change, since they always set --prefix explicitly.

#45 fixed COIN_HAS_BLAS possibly uses a wrong path to .MakeOk andreasw tautschn

Bonmin/ThirdParty/Lapack? uses the COIN_HAS_BLAS macro, which may test for the file Blas/.MakeOk? ; however, it does so using ../ThirdParty/Blas/?.MakeOk?, which is inappropriate as it would refer to Bonmin/ThirdParty/ThirdParty/Blas/?.MakeOk?.

Either Lapack is not allowed to use that macro or the macro must be written in a more generic way.

Best, Michael

#17 fixed Fix detection of SYMPHONY by Osi andreasw tkr

The presence of SYMPHONY is not properly detected by Osi, so that OsiSymSolverInterface? is not built, even when SYMPHONY is present.

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