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#88 fixed coin.m4 does not work on AIX native shell stefan andreasw


I'm trying to configure Clp 1.13.1 on AIX. When I do not set CONFIG_SHELL=PATH/bash, the configure script of CoinUtils fails and terminates without writing configuration files, but the overall configuration still continues:

checking for COIN-OR package Sample... skipped check via pkg-config, redirect to fallback
checking for COIN-OR package Sample (fallback)... ./configure[34393]: projtoprocess=${projtoprocess/$proj/$projrequires}: bad substitution
configure: configuring in Osi

It appears that the offending part is around line 4225 in coin.m4:

      # add projrequires to the front of the list of projects that have to be processed next
      # at the same time, remove $proj from this list

I don't know what this is supposed to do, so I cannot fix it. But I suggest to avoid any non-standard shell tools.



#89 fixed run_autotools fails silently if autoconf is not present stefan tkr

If there is no version of autoconf installed on the machine, then the script exits with no error message or indication of why it failed. This means that when running a script like prepare_new_stable (for example) that calls run_autotools, the calling script exits with no error message and fails to perform any clean-up actions. It looks like the reason is that the script implicitly assumes in several places that the autoconf command is present and that what needs to be checked is just whether it's the right version.

#90 fixed pkg-config search path setup assumes libdir is prefix/lib stefan stefan

When creating addlibs files from .pc files, the Makefile's augment PKG_CONFIG_SEARCH_PATH by $prefix/lib/pkgconfig, assuming that .pc files are installed there. This does not work if a user changes the library installation directory via configure's --libdir option.

An easy workaround for a user is to set a link $prefix/lib -> $libdir.

There may be other places where $prefix/lib == $libdir is assumed.

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