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#53 fixed --xlic_lib=sunperf doesn't work with CC compiler on SUN andreasw andreasw

It seems that CC -xlic_lib=sunperf does not work.

configure:27421: CC -o conftest -O4  -DNDEBUG -xlic_lib=sunperf
ld: fatal: library -lm: not found
ld: fatal: library -lc: not found

The C compiler (cc) has no problem.

Question is whether this can be fixed, or if we should take that option out of coin.m4

#68 fixed User-given FFLAGS ignored for dlamch compilation andreasw andreasw

Hi Stefan :-)

The compilation of dlamch still has some problems. For example, if someone sets FFLAGS, this is completely ignored when compiling it. (In an IBM context, someone had -fPIC included in FFLAGS and uses --disable-shared, so this doesn't work when you later try to make a shared library)

Instead of setting it to the coin_warn_flags etc, would it make more sense to scan the content of FFLAGS and remove anything of the form '-O*' and replace it by '-O0'? Not sure if that works for all compilers though (Windoofs?). At the very least, we should make DLAMCH_FFLAGS an argument that one can set.

What do you think?


#71 fixed MUMPS makefile does not work with IBM compilers andreasw andreasw

The sets explicitly a preprocessor flag in AM_CPPFLAGS as

        -I`$(CYGPATH_W) $(srcdir)/$(MUMPSDIR)/src` \
        -I`$(CYGPATH_W) $(srcdir)/$(MUMPSDIR)/libseq` \
        -I`$(CYGPATH_W) $(srcdir)/$(MUMPSDIR)/include`

But the xlf Fortran compiler needs this to be given as

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