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#15 fixed building own local projects incorporting setting from the configure magi andreasw sdv


it would be nice, if users that start new projects would have a way to incorporate the findings of the configure-magic in their make-file; thereby achieving some plattform-independence.

It used to be the case, that by including Coin/Makefiles/Make?.location and .../Make.coin, one had access to the main-ingredience of the coin-configuration. Something similar would be desireable. Maybe:

a) a way to utilize the configure.cache (with an example how to do so)


b) putting somewhere a that would automatically for user-inclusion provide the old Makefile.location (maybe with some additional settings: like which compiler/linker to call; which global options where choosen etc.

best regards, sven

#16 fixed introduce --enable-doscompile-on-cygwin flag for Cygwin andreasw andreasw

This CYGWIN-specific flag would enable the choice of the compiler options for the GNU compilers so that the -mno-cygwin compiler flag is used. This will the compile executables that run on DOS and don't require the Cygwin1.dll.

#17 fixed Fix detection of SYMPHONY by Osi andreasw tkr

The presence of SYMPHONY is not properly detected by Osi, so that OsiSymSolverInterface? is not built, even when SYMPHONY is present.

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