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#40 fixed Is --fomit-frame-pointer worth it? andreasw lou

The occasional bug report trickles in to the effect that C++ exception handling fails for some version of GCC (the 3.x series seems vulnerable). Usually it's reported as a failure in one of the unit tests. When pursued, the problem turns out to be this: The optimised build specifies --fomit-frame-pointer, and this tickles some bug in GCC which causes a failure to catch a throw.

A workaround is posted to the BuildTools current issues page. On the other hand, we'll likely keep on seeing this trickle of bug reports. Is the gain from --fomit-frame-pointer worth the low level irritation?

#86 invalid Installation Error stefan aminashabbeer

I am trying to install bonmin on my Windows 7 machine

I think it did not install correctly. And I think there was a problem when I did the 3rd party installation –it got all the files and unzipped them but could not change the permissions. I got errors such as:” Cannot change ownership to uid 502, gid 20: Invalid argument”

i have attached the output of make test- if this is helpful

thanks, Amina

#32 wontfix How to add Fortran compiler when linking andreasw kmartin


My project links to Ipopt libs. On Linux no problem -- on Mac OS X I need to explicitly put a link to the FORTRAN compiler when building my unitTest. Here is what I do in

if COIN_HAS_IPOPT LIBS += -l$(F77) endif

This seems to work fine. Here is my question: is this the best way to do this? I am worried that this might not work on some platforms.


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