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#76 fixed several public headers mess with user's projects andreasw bubla

Hello, I have discovered that your public headers contain stuff that should be internal. For example OsiConfig?.h #undefs PACKAGE_NAME I think that this issue is closely related to the build system, so I post it here. It took me half an hour to figure out why I can't use PACKAGE_NAME in my program because of this :-)

I wonder what's the reason for it anyway. For instance if this is needed during build time, it should be placed into a protective #ifdef section that is accessible only during build... An article that says something about this can be found here:

#77 fixed mingw32 cross-compiling fortran handling bug andreasw bubla

Hello, if I run ./configure --host=i486-mingw32 and I have gcc-fortran installed, the configure script fails at certain point. The reason for this most likely is that it detects my (native) fortran compiler, that is useless when actually cross-compiling. I attach CoinUtils?'s config.log, where the error occurs.

I know that you are working on the build system and actually I would like to participate, so regard this more as a reminder than as a task.

#78 wontfix AC_COIN_MAIN_SUBDIRS enhancement andreasw bubla

While examining the coin.m4 file, I have discovered that the macro AC_COIN_MAIN_SUBDIRS can be written in another way, expanding its capabilities and reducing its size to 10% of the original.

Although I am aware that this macro may not have a big perspective, why not to get rid of some m4 code for free :-)

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