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#118 fixed disable static by default (again) stefan stefan

I think I might disable static builds by default again (though I want to see the effect of #98 first).

Further, on Windows I'll forbid doing a shared and a static build concurrently. The reason is that the config header file (or the CFLAGS in the .pc file) will be different when using shared or static libs, because when linking against a shared lib (DLL), one needs to make sure that __declspec(dllimport) is active in the header files. This is easiest to achieve if one builds only one variant of the libs. Maybe it will also help to work around some of the libtool bugs mentioned in #112 (comments 5 and 6).

#7 wontfix disable_shared=yes questionable results somebody fmargot

If I put


in for coin-All, 'configure', 'make', 'make install' create all ".so" libraries in lib.

#121 fixed discontinue ThirdParty/Blas and Lapack stefan stefan

I think of just forgetting about ThirdParty/Blas and ThirdParty/Lapack for the new setup, because I don't think it is so useful anymore:

  • Most Linux distributions bring blas and lapack with their package managers. It's often only the reference version (Netlib), but that's the same we were building anyway.
  • Mac OS X comes with (probably optimized) installations of Blas and Lapack in the Accelarate framework.
  • Msys2/MinGW on Windows seems to bring OpenBlas and Lapack with its package manager.
  • Intels MKL is available as community edition for free.
  • Building Blas and Lapack from source requires a Fortran compiler, which is extra work to be installed on Linux (easy), Mac OS X (possible), MinGW (relatively easy), Windows/MSVC (ifort costs money).
  • ThirdParty/Blas and Lapack was building only a subset of Blas and Lapack, which sometimes is not sufficient, requiring extra maintenance work. Also it is extra maintenance work (we do not even keep up with using the latest versions of the Netlib Lapack).

I would then also remove the f2c utility in BuildTools, for which I have no idea whether it is still working.

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