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#63 worksforme typo andreasw fmargot

The file share/ contains

#with_cplex_incdir='/usr/ilog/cplex90/include/ilcplex' #with_cplex_lib='-L/usr/ilog/cplex90/lib/static_pic -lcplex -lpthread'

but the syntax is incorrect.

No quotes are needed for with_cplex_incdir, i.e. it should be:


Double quotes are necessary for the second one, i.e.:

#with_cplex_lib="-L/usr/ilog/cplex90/lib/static_pic -lcplex -lpthread"

This is at least true under Fedora 8.

#80 fixed configure for profiling somebody Gassmann

I am trying to configure a project (OS) for profiling (on Linux Ubuntu). What flags to I need to add to make this work?

#21 wontfix cygwin "C:\" file names in automake generated dependencies somebody linderoth


I recently upgraded my cygwin tools -- now using gnu make 3.81. On my Windoze machine, automake (1.9) generates dependencies that include files named like: C:/cygwin/home/jtl3/svn-mods/Bonmin/CoinUtils/src/CoinHelperFunctions.hpp

Having the ':' in the file name makes make very unhappy, it says something like "multiple target patterns". The "patch" for me is just to strip out the C:

I did some searching around, and I wasn't able to figure out the "accepted" way for dealing with this. Otherwise, I would have happily provided a patch...

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