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#59 fixed ASL build fails on cygwin / cl andreasw lou

Apparently cygwin doesn't grok comptry.bat. I haven't tried to pin down the exact reason why. The function of comptry.bat is to retry the build with -DNO_LONG_LONG. For pretty much any compiler we're likely to run into nowadays, this is unlikely to be a problem. Simply changing 'comptry.bat cl ... ' to 'cl ... ' works with cl from MSVS8. If we're ambitious, we can move the test into

Compile_MS_ASL should be updated to perform the necessary edit on to remove the reference to comptry.bat. Will test the the next time I'm playing in cygwin.

#81 fixed Make `suppress buildtools version check' more selective andreasw lou

The -i (suppress buildtools version check) option is all or nothing. It'd be nice if it accepted a list of projects.

#85 invalid error while installing Bonmin 1.4.1 stefan louischarles


I have tried to install bonmin. The ../configure -C 'step' was succesful, but when I did the next step (make) the application (Cygwin) gave an error in its output. I have attached the output I was still able to read and the config.log file.

I really don't know how to solve this, am I doing something wrong, or have I maybe forgotten something?

Thank you in advance for your help, Louis-Charles De Prez lcdeprez@…

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