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#58 fixed ASL build on Solaris / x86 fails to build fpsetprec? andreasw lou

Speculative ticket, just to document the problem. ASL fails its final link on Solaris x86 because it can't find fpsetprec(). There's an assembly code file fpsetprec.s in the ASL distribution, and comments in makefile.u clearly indicate it's meant for use on Solaris x86. Something's going wrong. I will poke at it.

#59 fixed ASL build fails on cygwin / cl andreasw lou

Apparently cygwin doesn't grok comptry.bat. I haven't tried to pin down the exact reason why. The function of comptry.bat is to retry the build with -DNO_LONG_LONG. For pretty much any compiler we're likely to run into nowadays, this is unlikely to be a problem. Simply changing 'comptry.bat cl ... ' to 'cl ... ' works with cl from MSVS8. If we're ambitious, we can move the test into

Compile_MS_ASL should be updated to perform the necessary edit on to remove the reference to comptry.bat. Will test the the next time I'm playing in cygwin.

#60 worksforme compiler flags for compile_f2c andreasw stefan


when I do an optimized build with cl then the compiler flags for cl are set to include -MT, thus the objects want to be linked against LIBCMT.lib.

When I also use compile_f2c to build the fortran code, then this script also calls cl, but without setting extra flags, thus the objects from fortran code want to be linked against LIBC.lib.

Hopefully this will just result in warnings, but it's also a potential cause for problems. A workaround is to specify FFLAGS="-MT" on the command line, but maybe it is possible to improve the build system in the way that it does something like FFLAGS=$CFLAGS in case F77=compile_f2c?

Best, Stefan

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