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#16 fixed introduce --enable-doscompile-on-cygwin flag for Cygwin andreasw andreasw

This CYGWIN-specific flag would enable the choice of the compiler options for the GNU compilers so that the -mno-cygwin compiler flag is used. This will the compile executables that run on DOS and don't require the Cygwin1.dll.

#28 wontfix allow autoconf and automake from non-path locations andreasw andreasw

Allow that PMs can set the environment variable AUTOTOOLS_DIR for the correct verions of the autotools, even when those are not the first in the PATH. This could be done by overwriting automake's AUTOCONF and AUTOMAKE variables.

#29 fixed don't overwrite original value of LIBS in configure scripts andreasw andreasw

LIBS is reset currently in the configure scripts.

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