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#57 worksforme Source and Binary Problems on Linux andreasw xiewg
  1. Binary executable requires, which is not available. How can I get this dynamic library? I searched with no success.
  1. When following the instructions on compiling the source code, the last step: make install failed, with message: permission denied. Do we need administator to compile it?
#50 worksforme ThirdParty/Mumps configure requires to have Mumps source code andreasw stefan


my project has an external to ThirdParty/Mumps, so people who want to build Ipopt with Mumps can do it using the ThirdParty way. However, on some machines I want to build my own MUMPS library and provide it with the --with-mumps-dir flag. In this case, the configure-script in ThirdParty/Mumps is failing with the error

configure: error: cannot find sources (MUMPS/src/dmumps_part1.F) in ../../../GAMSlinks-trunk/ThirdParty/Mumps
configure: error: /bin/sh '../../../GAMSlinks-trunk/ThirdParty/Mumps/configure' failed for ThirdParty/Mumps

and the whole configure process is stopping.

I can avoid this by removing the ThirdParty/Mumps directory before running configure. However, this does not seem to be the elegant solution ;-).

Best, Stefan

#99 worksforme Undefined reference to dgetrf_ and dgetrs_ andreasw user1707

I am trying to use libCoinUtils for a project but I get the error which is basically an undefined reference to functions in LAPACK library. I ran the configure script with the following options and I got a success message.

 ./configure --with-lapack-lib="-L/usr/bin -llapack" -C

I had no errors when I executed subsequent commands of make, make test and make install. The log says it found "llapack". But I get the undefined reference error at the end. Any help appreciated!

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